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Join Jordanian Street Blogger Abeer Nammari on an alternate touristic experience where you get to discover the charms of the underground Downtown Amman routes and experience the amazing fusion of history, culture and art. Roam the vibrant and captivating streets of Downtown with a leading female street blogger who will help you develop an eye for detail and discover the less trodden paths of Downtown.

ماذا ستفعل

Not a typical Downtown experience, but an extraordinary one that takes you deep into the alleys only known by a few. This is an eye-opening experience that reveals to you a new reality of the Downtown area viewed through the lens of a female street blogger. You will feel the urge to take plenty of pictures as you find your way through the small shops, kiosks, and friendly merchants. End your remarkable journey with an informal discussion as you share photos you have taken with your group and realize how different each of you interprets the world and how each pair of eyes was wide open to different details. 

Highlights of the experience:

  • Connect with locals and engage in Jordanian culture.
  • Insight into Jordanian Street Food.
  • Discover the most famous murals in Amman.
  • Stop at small community shops.
  • Make street stories and social networking.
  • Capture moments to share with your friends and family (cameras and phones encouraged).
  • Gift: Heart of Amman Photo book (once published).

On your way downtown:

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful old quarters of Amman in a contemporary ambiance. The style of the buildings and the colors present a beautiful pattern that reflects the past and present.

Explore the charming alleyways. You will be surprised by the marvelous details they hold. Many restaurants, hotels, and small old shops are located in those alleyways, keeping their identity until now.

Visit the Cross-Generation old markets that scatter across the Husseini Great Mosque which was built in 1921, and tour the oldest of which, Al-Bukharia Souq.

Stroll at the 2nd-Century A.D. most significant architectural monuments left by the Romans in the center of Amman the Nymphaeum, Roman Amphitheater, and Odeon Theater.

Taste the many flavors of Amman as we experience Jordanian street food culture. Enjoy a delicious bite as you get oriented on the origins of Jordanian cuisine from the experts.

Destination Downtown:

Our route will take us through the following destinations starting at:

  1. Dar Al-Anda
    Witness breathtaking views of Old Amman’s seven rolling hills, and Roman and Ottoman ruins such as The Citadel and the Arc of Hercules. Dar Al-Anda is a quintessential cultural stop for first-time and returning visitors to Amman, as well as its residents.

  2. Imaginons
    Contemplate the powerful text “Imaginons...” which was written by El-Baz while in Sicily as a possible “form” for a public building in Amman, and which later “imposed itself” onto the structure. 

  3. Yafa for Herbal Drinks
    Get your favorite herbal drink or coffee dose before starting the tour at this colorful art café in Jabal Al-Weibdeh.

  4. King Hussein Stairway
    One of the most remarkable stairways of the capital Amman dates back to the 1920s and is considered a central passage connecting Downtown Amman to Jabal Al-Weibdeh. Today, it represents a platform for art and culture and a public space for creativity within Amman’s modern fabric.

  5. Zghairon Coffee House
    It’s not a place to visit, simply, it’s home. Expect to be warmly greeted by the friendly staff and delicious traditional Jordanian cookies and cuisine!

  6. Jadal for Knowledge and Culture 
    Located in one of the old houses which date back to the 1930s. This joyful place hosts creative and intellectual people, and it organizes frequent poetry readings, music nights, and art performances.

  7. Old Signs of Amman
    Enjoy visiting this special museum that exhibits old billboards which were displayed in the streets of Amman from the 1940s until the 1990s, and which set Amman’s commercial history in stone.

  8. Umbrellas Stairway
    An oasis of shade and color amidst the bustle of the old city. You will also be able to hang your lasting love lock on the stairway as a token of affection, a memory, or a record of a cherished moment in time.

  9. The Duke’s Diwan
    The oldest building in Downtown Amman was built in 1924 and leased to the government of Transjordan to be the central Post Office until the late 1940s. It was later turned into “Haifa Hotel” in 1948. Today, it is a social and cultural hub and stands as a witness to authentic Ammani heritage.

  10. Al Rasheed Courts
    One of the cafes that have been telling the history of Amman since the 1920s. It is the oldest café in the city with a unique ornamented balcony overlooking King Faysal Street.

  11. Arab Culture Kiosk
    The most famous sidewalk kiosk for books and newspapers since 1955, and until this day it stand to witness the evolution of culture in Amman.

  12. The Gold Market
    The souq represents the oldest jewelry market in Amman. It was established in 1952 in this area because of the security afforded by the various banks located on King Faysal Street.

  13. Mango Market
    The Mango family commissioned the design of this market in the early 1950s. The market is well known for selling high-quality fabrics and embroidery.

  14. King Ghazi Hotel
    First leased to the government of Transjordan in 1927 to be the first courthouse in Amman and then used as a residence for Al-Kurdi family. In 1939 when King Ghazi of Iraq passed away in a car accident, the hotel was renamed “King Ghazi Hotel”.

  15. The Husseini Great Mosque
    With its intricate architecture making it a touristic attraction for many, the mosque was built on the old site of Al-Husseini Mosque in the era of Transjordan by order of the late King Abdullah in 1921.

  16. Al –Bukharia Souq
    Named after merchants who migrated to Jordan from Bukhara city in Uzbekistan during one of their journeys through the commercial pilgrimage route, this souq is one of the oldest in Downtown.

  17. The Nymphaeum
    One of the most significant architectural monuments left by the Romans in the center of historical Amman. It has a large terrace, which was used as a stage, in addition to huge structures, statues of mermaids, and myths.

  18. Odeon Theater
    Also called the Winter Theater, is a small, elite Roman colosseum. It is located near the great Roman Amphitheater and can accommodate up to 500 spectators. Musical performances and poetry symposiums are usually held in it.

  19. The Roman Amphitheater
    The largest theater in Jordan dates back to the Roman era, when Amman was called Philadelphia. Currently, it is used for local and international music and theater performances. 



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Carole Elias

Carole Elias

Nov 05, 22

Wonderful experience!

We were a group of Jordanians and foreigners and enjoyed every part of the walk! Such a wonderful experience, allowing you to see authentic locations outside of the usual and typical sightseeing experiences. Highly recommended.
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