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Basket weaving in the middle of the forest

Join me and my lovely community for a hands-on experience in Ghab-Dibben Forest learn basket weaving using pine trees needles! You’ll weave a basket, a timeless design, using simple tools and naturally grown materials

التعليم الممتع

الموقع : جرش

المدة: 6 ساعات

اللغات: English, Arabic

الصعوبة: سهل

أدنى: 1 شخص

أقصى: 15 شخص

ماذا ستفعل

Living in the forest side for the past few years wandering around native trees and herbs, experimenting the nature's organic way of complementing our natural way of living, and meeting the elders on the way to learn and relearn the skills that our ancestors gained through their experiences. I've decided to share my lifestyle and the skills I gained with you to invite you to my life. 

In this experience, you will customize your basket with the shaping and colors of your choosing and find relaxation through the guided step-by-step process. No basket-weaving experience is necessary and all materials and equipment will be provided.

My awesome friend, Ghab, and artist Maralda from Germany will be part of this experience where she will share her talents in using natural materials to create baskets and more.

This experience starts at 10.30 am so please arrive around that time. The experience will begin with a mindful walk in the woods to meet the forest and relax while collecting pines needles. Then, we will head back to the camp and start weaving our baskets. There will be a lunch of local dishes made in clay pots with a taste of the forest's herbs along with refreshments of tea and herbs.

We will finish by 4 pm.. but guess what? you're welcome to stay and enjoy the night bonfire in the forest.

What to bring:
*comfortable clothes and proper shoes for a forest walk.
*your own dish and spoon.
*Water bottle and preferably not plastic.


  • Weaving tools and equipment
  • Tea and herbs
  • Local lunch

لا يشمل

  • Transportation

المواصلات : No Transportation

سياسة الإلغاء : 72 hours in advance

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