Taste Amman's Yummiest Local Food!

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    2 ساعات 30 دقائق
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    1 - 20 حجز

Designed to satisfy your taste buds, this tour will give you great exposure to the varieties of Jordanian food that you will taste and small throughout our walk. Keep your mouth open!

ماذا ستفعل

Interested in the history and culture behind the different local dishes and curious enough to try them? You have come to the right place! 

Join me on a route mapped perfectly to allow you to experience the wide ranges of foods locals enjoy, and find out about the secrets making savouries and desserts here as yummy as you will discover.

Learn a bit about the history of Amman before you arrive at your first srop, the oldest bakery in Amman. Witness the vegetables and fruits forming a colorful scenery at the vegetable market. Tho Old Spice Market is also one destination you don't want to miss as you hear how spices have been used in the Jordanian cuisine. Pass through Basman Street towards the famous Hashem Restaurant for some tasty full-flavored falafel and hummus. Head to Al-Quds for an exceptional experience of tasting the well-know Jordanian dish, Mansaf. Try the famous Knafeh at Habiba Sweets before some delicious handmade ice-cream from Bikdash. Drink fresh sugar cane juice made right on spot. 
Finish this tour with a visit to my place where I prepare for you a homemade meal cooked with love, passion, and lots of Jordanian traditions. 

Main attractions in this tour:

  • Souq Sukar 
  • Old Vegetable Market
  • Old Spices Market
  • Hashem Restaurant
  • Habiba Sweets
  • Jabri Restaurant
  • Al-KitKat Bar
  • Al-Quds Restaurant
  • Bikash Ice cream
  • And more...


  • لعشاق الأكل
  • معالم المدينة


  • Food Tour

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  • Any other services not mentioned
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الآراء (2)

  • Laura Ballerini
    Laura Ballerini
    Jul 02, 23

    Unforgettable food tour of Amman, with traditional homemade food!

    This experience was simply fantastic: we had so much fun trying local food in Amman and learnt a lot from Osama! The best part came at the end when we went to Osama’s place and ate local delicacies he had cooked for us! All of us agreed that Osama’s home made food was definitely the best we had in Jordan (and in general while travelling!)

  • J
    Mar 10, 23

    Helpful and friendly

    was a nice tour. very friendly guide and nice places we visited. shops and market. very welcoming environment. thank you very much. tourists from Belgium

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In love with Amman, its culture, and the many attractions it embraces, I decided to guide you on the best walk and food tours that allow tourists and locals to disover this small but great city. During your time with me, you will visit famous places, cafes, restaurants, bazaars (old souq), traditional shops, ancient ruins, along with many other spots making Amman the fabulous city it surely is and the home for a wide variety of irresistible Jordanian foods!

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