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تجربة مباشرة عبر الإنترنت

I am a native Korean that lives in Seoul. I will talk to you with very basic English. Learn Korean in a one-day online class! Do you like BTS, Squid game, Minari? Learn Korean to understand the Korean culture! You will learn how to pronounce famous lines from Squid Game and lyrics from BTS.

ماذا ستفعل

Korean is the easiest language in the world - follow and practice with me, your Korean will become advanced.
Don't worry - I will adjust to your level so beginners are welcome!

Basic Korean expression with useful speaking. We will learn together Korean greetings, basic expressions, and famous expressions in Korean. After you practice again and again with me,  you will be able to speak better.




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Hello, I am GJ in South Korea. I introduce traditional Korean astrology - Asian fortunetelling SAJU. I would like to tell you the mystery of Asian philosophy. I want to talk about the fate you were born with - how date and time has through the insight into the world it has. This is statistics, not superpowers. And also If you have a memory of the excitement of your trip, you may dream of a chance to travel again someday. I look forward to meeting you in person soon. I am a travel guide and writer. Let me introduce you to major traditional attractions, famous market attractions, and popular attractions recently.

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