Wild Frontiers of Iran in Three Amazing National Parks

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Experience the wild frontiers of Iran in three of Iran's important national parks.

ماذا ستفعل

In this journey of discovery, we seek the wild charms of nature and its creatures in Turan, Golestan, and Tandoureh National Parks. This experience includes the excitement of adventure, tracking down a variety of fauna and flora species, and the multiplicity of photogenic sceneries. Wandering among mountainous heights, deciduous forests, steppes, and arid lands, we would watch endemic birds, gorgeous gazelles, and possibly Asiatic cheetahs. This journey might be challenging at times but is guaranteed to be full of adventurous events.

*Note that in a wild exploration such as this adventure, unexpected events and incidents such as the sudden changes of weather might surprise us and cause some slight changes in our itinerary.

DAY 1: Tehran
We will embark on this journey from Tehran and drive for about 6 hours to get to Touran National Park. Note that you can join us from any other cities in Iran. We will spend the night in one of the ecolodges in Biyarjomand.

DAY 2: Turan National Park
Having spent the night in one of the ecolodges of Turan National Park, we embark on our exciting adventure after breakfast. Note that you can join us in this adventure trip from any of the cities in Iran. Moving towards the sites where we would track down Asiatic cheetahs, it is likely that we will see the Jebeer Gazelles. Lunch will be enjoyed in the heart of nature. We would later explore the districts of Abbas Abad and Tarud on our 4WD vehicle to search for the endemic bird of Iran - the Pleske’s ground jay. We might also see the beige-colored Persian onagers among the scenic areas of these wild arid lands.

At the end of the day, we will go back to the ecolodge and rest after having a nice dish of traditional Persian food.

DAY 3: Towards Golestan Province
We’ll get ready and head towards the Golestan National Park. We’ll take the road of Khoshyeylaq pass that twists and turns along natural landscapes. Our destination will be reach in about 3 hours.

DAY 4: Golestan National Park
We will enjoy our breakfast in the nice fresh air with beautiful sceneries surrounding us. We will then drive towards Mirza-Baylou plains where we can watch the gazelles through binoculars. We will then roam towards the Almeh region to look for the great herds of urial sheep and Persian ibex. After a long hike, we will continue to search for brown bears and wild boars. As the night draws in, we will set up a tent and camp around a fire to drink mountain tea and enjoy our dinner under the starry sky.

DAY 5: Golestan National Park
Waking up to see the morning light of the sun casting upon the greenery, we will start another thrilling day in Golestan National Park. We will then proceed towards the Tang-e Gol woodlands to observe the red deer and roe deer hiding among the dense canopies spreading over the fields. Over the course of our adventure, we might spot the footprints of Persian leopards and brown bears. Lunch will include a variety of foods, ranging from meat-based meals to vegetarian foods to the traditional taste of Iranian food. As the night approaches, we will head back to our ecolodge to spend the night.

DAY 6: Towards Khorasan Razavi
We will head towards our third and final destination, Tandoureh National Park. The trip to Tandoureh National Park will take about 5 hours. Our adventure will carry on in this rather mountainous area which is famous to be the safe haven for the biggest leopards in the world, the Persian leopard. This place is ideal for tracing footprints of Persian leopards and experience the excitement of tracking them down.

DAY 7: Tandoureh National Park
As we roam around Tandoureh National Park, we will be given the opportunity to appreciate its unique and beautiful natural sceneries. We will look for urial sheep, wild goats, bearded vultures, and wild cats as we go on a mildly strenuous hike through the heights of these wild frontiers. As the night comes, we will get into our 4WD vehicles and continue watching over the rocks or behind the bushes in search of Persian leopards with our light projectors breaking the darkness of the night. The search itself is meant to be evoke a sense of adrenaline and adventure. The day will end with a ride back to the ecolodge to have a meal and rest through the night. 

DAY 8: Tandoureh National Park
On the last day of our adventure, we will keep exploring the beauties that lie within Tandoureh National Park. We will continue to search for and track down the beautiful species that are the Persian leopards and check the photos taken by camera traps we have set on our way. Peeking through these cameras and learning about these creatures’ behavior in the wild frontiers is one of the memorable experiences of this trip.

DAY 9: Back to Tehran
As our adventure comes to an end, we head back towards the capital city of Tehran.


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