A Night in Wooden Cabins - Jordan EcoPark

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    2 Days
  • Number of Person
    1 - 20 Person

A unique concept in Jordan highlighting the beauty of nature in the Jordan Valley and offering a variety of fun activities, Jordan EcoPark located in the northern part of Jordan and surrounded by astounding wildlife, is considered a leading model for preserving ecologically important habitats in Jordan and a great spot for a weekend getaway with family or friends!

What you’re going to do

The park contains 17 EcoLodges specifically designed in a way to let you experience nature to the fullest. All Cabins are air-conditioned with private bathrooms and WiFi services. Different types of rooms are available. Check-in at 3:00PM; Check-out at 12:00PM.

Activities you can do with extra fees:

Zipline Riding: Feel the crisp breeze when you are riding the longest Zipline in Jordan with 550m in length, and more than 70m in height. Following a safety briefing, pull on your harness and fly into the air to enjoy the panoramic views over Jordan Ecopark and the green area around, especially suitable for the spring season.
Our enthusiastic, professional guides will promise to assist you in the creation of long-lasting memories.

Giant Rope Swing: Swing among the trees in the EcoPark with Giant Rope Swing. If you are brave enough to try this amazing experience, take a leap from one tree, and open your eyes while swinging between the trees.

Bike Rental/Bike Tour: Another sustainable activity is the rental of bicycles, so you can explore the surrounding area and leave your car in the Park. We added this healthy and fun activity to your day as both, a form of workout and also as a more sustainable way of transportation. You will find that by bike you will explore more new roads and interesting sites which are not accessible by car. Furthermore, bike riding is very beneficial as it strengthens your thighs, hips and muscles.


Note: Every visitor must have his/her valid passport or ID card on site, and a copy of the family book is required for the Jordanian and Arabs co-ed bookings.


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Cancellation Policy:

No refund if customer cancels booking 3 days or less prior to check-in date & 50% refund if customer cancels booking at least 7 days prior to check-in date

Reviews (7)

  • Tariq Aladily
    Tariq Aladily
    Oct 29, 22

    Booked two family cabins

    A wonderful place with a good accommodation and an excellent service. Would visit again!

  • Dina Toukan
    Dina Toukan
    May 29, 22

    Very nice place

    The place is really really nice to spend the day there. You can bring your own ingredients for a bbq and they can provide you with a grill there. The hike is also easy and can be done. It was a really fun stay but I recommend going for the day only.

  • Leen Jarrar
    Leen Jarrar
    Feb 28, 22

    Great Experience!

    Really enjoyed exploring the place and being outdoors. The cabins were in great condition with comfortable beds, and the bathrooms were super clean. The hiking trail we went on was easy with beautiful views (especially at sunset). Also, the people there were generally friendly so the atmosphere was quite pleasant.

  • Sanad Najjar
    Sanad Najjar
    Feb 24, 22

    Awesome place to stay!

    Relaxing and gorgeous place, the rooms are quite cozy and clean, very friendly and helpful staff. If you're interested to explore nature this experience offers easy hiking trails, BBQ area and it has great sunset views. I highly recommend this place.

  • Omar Tamimmi
    Omar Tamimmi
    Feb 24, 22

    Highly recommended

    By far, I went to eco park three times. And each time I get mesmerised by the place, the nature, and the stuff. I booked all of my experiences via this platform where I find new itineraries, actives and constantly new experiences.

Curated name


Jordan EcoPark (previously known as Sharhabil bin Hassneh) is considered a leading model for preserving ecologically important habitats In Jordan. It offers country living at its best whilst providing ecological benefit back to our land. Since its establishment, wildlife on the park has been flourishing and it has enabled many locals and tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Jordan Valley. It is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. The park is a unique concept in Jordan and suitable for different age groups. It is a perfect get away for both families and youth and it offers its services and a wide range of activities at very affordable prices.

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