Fun Day Package at the North Sedra Farm

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Not like any other farms, The North Sedra Farm is a carefully curated farm experience hub that showcases the history, tradition, and heritage of the Qatari's past. An hour drive from Doha, the farm has several farm activities with a museum that is carefully curated with our personal collection of items representing the Qatari heritage and past, and water activities that is suitable for all ages!

What you’re going to do

NOTE: the farm season is now over and this experience is temporarily closed, you can now book your tickets for the new season starting Oct 2022, book your tickets now!

History & Heritage
Discover the Qatari farming heritage while having a fun day out with family and friends at North Sedra Farm! Not only will you closely explore the farming heritage, but you will also be able to take a glimpse of the Qatari history of every day life through our carefully curated museum with all our antique collections that represents our national pride and nostalgia.

Having a lot of activities to do on our farm, there will be no room for boredom! There will be plenty of vendors that will serve food, a lot of animal feeding to do, fruits and vegetables to pick, playrounds to roam around, and architecture to appreciate. Most exciting of all, in house - we have a traditional restaurant that serves the most authentic home cooked Qatari meals where you can eat while looking at beautiful peacocks through the window. 

At the gate of the North Sedra Farm, you will be greeted by the welcome desk agent, present your booking information to receive your coupons package. You will receive 6 coupons per package and these coupons can be used for several activities on the farm suited for all ages:

  • Feeding the farm animals (1 coupon)
  • Feeding the fish (1 coupon)
  • Pony ride (1 coupon)
  • Riding a duck boat on the water
  • Picking vegetables as per season (3 coupons)
  • Picking sidra fruit as per season (3 coupons)
  • Picking strawberries as per season (3 coupons)

Further Notes:
*We advise you to arrive at 12:30 if you would like to pick fruits and vegetables as we often run out and please note this activity is subject to availability.

*Each package includes an entrance ticket for 1. Additional entrance tickets are required for all aged above 2 years old.

Please note open hours are as follows:

  • Oct 21 - Nov 5
    Fridays and Saturdays 12:30 pm - 8:00 p:m
  • Nov 11 - Dec 24
    Every day: 12:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Dec 30 - April 8
    Fridays and Saturdays: 12:30 pm - 8:00 pm




Entrance fee for one Access to the our Qatari antique collection museum Several farm activities Bathrooms are available Mosque is available Transportation to the vegetable & fruit picking site


Lunch/Dinner (there will be vendors selling food though) Transportation to the North Sedra Farm
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Cancellation Policy:

72 hours in advance

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Khayla Nazneen

Khayla Nazneen

Feb 24, 22

A hidden gem!

I have been in Qatar nearly 18 years and have never experienced Qatar this way before. The farm allows you to have a glimpse of the Qatari lifestyle; with the antiques, feeding the farm animals, and walking through the vegetable and fruit farms (especially the sidra trees). It was a great day out - perfect to go with friends and families. The ViaVii team was also very responsive with my questions, and so overall a great experience, definitely recommend!
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1 Review