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Arabian bread and Aqabawi cookies baking
Aqaba, Jordan
2 Hours
English & Arabic

No Cancellation


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Arabian holidays cookies are one of the most important recipes all of the countries of the Arab world. There is hardly no celebration of holidays with no local cookies. There are cookies with flour, and cookies with semolina. the filling of cookies is different such as dates, cinnamon and stuffed pistachios


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Transportation :

Participants will be picked up from their hotels or hostels by Aqabawi staff.

Additional info :

"You will learn through this experience how
bake local Arab cookies that is used in too
many local events. In addition to bake the
local Arabic bread that is tasty and fun to
bake on a special Convex metal sheet."

Activity information :

"Participants will be welcomed by an Arabian
coffee and be briefed about the local cookies.

Participants will wear gloves and an apron to
set up the kitchen and start the experience.

The local chef will guide and lead the process
of making the local cookies for the

Participants will enjoy the experience of
making local cookies step by step.

After the final product is made the
participants will taste the local cookies and
will be able to take it home.

Participants will enjoy tasting herbs tea with
the local chef family.

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