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Georgian Cuisine – Making Khinkhali

Cancellation Allowed

1 to 2 hours

English or Russian

Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 1


Option 1: Georgian Restaurant Sormoni @ King Gorgasali Hotel
Try a dish made by your participation; The master class is an opportunity to learn directly from the chef and make a dish of your choice with him, for those who are interested. Khinkali main dish in Georgia, it is a Georgian dumpling which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti. Varieties of khinkali spread from there across different parts of the Caucasus, the fillings of khinkali vary with the area
*Note: the recipe mixed with pork and Beef or Lamb*

Second Option /Khachapuri: is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The bread is leavened and allowed to rise and is shaped in various ways, usually with cheese in the middle and a crust which is ripped off and used to dip in the cheese. The filling contains cheese (fresh or aged, most commonly sulguni), eggs and other ingredients.


prepare and share the recipe & 2 type of wines & Snack bar


Extended Details

  • Additional info :

    should be booked before 5 days.
    Note: guests can watch and take part in cooking only khinkali.
    As for khachapuri, the guest can cook, but cannot see how to bake it

  • Activity information :

    Everyday , except offcial holidays.

  • Cancellation policy :

    Non refundable.