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  • Aqaba, Jordan
  • Arts & Culture

Henna and Kohl Drawings

Aqaba, Jordan

No Cancellation

60 Minutes

Arabic & English

Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 100


Henna is Known since ancient times, it has a kind of sanctity in many cultures as they use it in cosmetics; thanks to its safe quality in dyeing the hair and body. Kohl is considered one of the oldest types of cosmetics among ancient cultures. It is a drawing around the eyes for women and men to show the beauty of the eyes.
This art is considered a very old art around the world. The first to know it were the Nabataeans after exploring the hourglass. The city of Aqaba is home to this unique art, since the early 1930s, it has housed dozens of shops


Extended Details

  • Transportation :

    Participants will be picked up from their hotels or hostels by Aqabawi staff

  • Activity information :

    "Participants will meet with the Henna artist
    and be welcomed by an Arabian coffee and
    will get a brief of information about the
    history of Kohol and Henna.

    Participants will choose from many different
    preset Henna drawings or ask the artist to
    draw a specific design.

    After the artist finishes the Henna drawing,
    she will explain the best practices to keep the
    Henna drawing as long as it could be."