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  • Wadi Rum Village, Jordan
  • Adventure & Outdoors

Stargazing at Sky Rum

Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

No Cancellation

90 Minutes

English & Arabic

Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 120


"Now it is time for you to enjoy the beautiful night skies.

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Jordan, RumSky allows visitors to enjoy the starry nights of Wadi Rum.

Our guided tour program allows you to learn more about the Universe we live in. Living in lively cities makes it more difficult to witness the magnificence of the skies and heavens. Through the innovation of science, we are able to get a little closer to the hidden wonders of the Universe. Stars, planets, nebulae, all are within your reach with RumSky."


in-and-out transportation within Disi camps and complementary soft drinks.


Extended Details

  • Transportation :

    in-and-out transportation within Disi camps

  • Additional info :

    During the months of October to April, desert nights can range between chilly and cold, so please make sure to bring warm clothes. If by chance you forget, then no worries, we have got you covered!

  • Activity information :

    Adventure start with a 20 minute presentation that takes you on a journey that sheds light on the cosmos. Anchored in our solar system we venture out in the the Milky Way and then travel to all parts of the Universe.

    As the presentation comes to a close we step out into the real world and begin our trek across the sky. Follow the light of the green laser as it takes you around the night sky, then get your first amazing look at the sky through the optics of our telescopes, opening up the wonders of the Universe for you to see with your own eyes.

    As part of this experience you will walk away with the keys of the ancients about reading the stars and navigation. Have you ever wondered about the constellations? Let us look at them through the eyes of our forefathers, and see as they did.

    The night sky is filled with many wonders, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. See for yourselves through our telescopes that which you have only seen in pictures. The grandeur of the stars and gasses that make up the galaxies and nebulae that fill our skies.

  • Logistics :

    Meeting Point: Disi Camps.