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  • amman, Jordan
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The Art of Breeding and Training Pigeons

amman, Jordan

No Cancellation

Two hours


Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 10


In this experience, participants will meet with their host, Ahmed, an experienced pigeon breeder and trainer. On his rooftop in Jabal Al Joufeh, Ahmed will show guests his pigeons, their living space, and demonstrate his training methods and communication methods with the pigeons. Participants will learn about the art form more generally, which is an old Arab tradition.




Extended Details

  • Activity information :

    Participants will meet their host in front of his home in Jabal Al Joufeh. Ahmed will teach participants about the history and significance of pigeon training in Arab culture. He will explain how pigeon trainers cooperate and compete with one another, including how disputes are settled in the marketplace when they arise. He will show participants his many different breeds of pigeon from all over the world, explaining the differences between them and what makes each breed special and unique. He will demonstrate how he cares for and trains the pigeons, and explain why it is important that breeders treat their pigeons with the utmost care. Participants will enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset and share tea around a fire together.