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Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in business administration from Yarmouk University and went on to have a rewarding career in business development at various multi-national and international corporations as well as in the field of education. It was at King’s Academy, the first boarding school in Jordan, that I was one of the founding members of the school – I discovered my love for telling street stories through photographs. In March 2020, I decided to make a career shift and become a street blogger. Armed with nothing more than a camera and my passion, I started documenting every day of street life. Today, I am now a strong advocate for the promotion of street-culture in Jordan and the Arab world through my social media platforms, and my goal is to encourage more women to follow in my footsteps.

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A World Full of Fantasia!
Abeer Nammari: A Street Blogger's View On Jordan's Vibrant Streets.
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