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Why travelers use VIAVII


Heba Ibrawish

احلى تيم والطف ناس كانت رحلة خرافية يعني ما بندم لو عدتها الف مرة، كتير حبيت فكرة زيارة اهل المدينة بتحببك بالمكان اكتر، كتير مبسوطة انو عنا اماكن زي هيك وكتير زعلانة انو مش الكل بعرفها، شكرا الكم عشان عم تنشرو اكتر عن هاي الاماكن، الاشياء الي حسيت لازم تتغير شوي هو الوقت كان لازم نطلع ابكر والباقي كلو رائع.


Yasmin Bani Hani

The experience exceeded my expectations, I have never expected that there is such a professional Jordanian application that offers high quality services. Every member of the team knows their roles very well. I personally really enjoyed this trip and I learned so much from it, and although I am from Irbid but ViaVII taught me things I never knew about my own city.


Mohammed Nabil

الرحلة كانت لطيفة و الترتيب كان لطيف و كل إشي كان حلو.



Booked my ticket not knowing what to expect. However, I was positively taken back by this wonderful experience - I arrived to the exact address based on the available map at the website and was welcomed by this lovely local family at the farm. I never thought I'd survive living a day like a farmer, but I made it!



It didn't take too long to find the right experience for me and buy it instantly online. I had a couple of questions regarding the difficulty level of the hike and was right away taken care of by the customer care support. Amazing hike with so much to discover and share.



I absolutely loved this experience! The hosts were extremely knowledgeable and kind. They told many personal stories and introduced us to other local people who told their stories. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone visiting Jordan.

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