Make authentic Espadrilles in Barcelona

Reviewed as one-in-a-lifetime experience by more than 1,000 guests, this is already a must-do in Barcelona according to BuzzFeed, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others. during this onsite Espadrilles experience you will stitch your own traditional Catalan espadrilles, which you will keep afterwards as the most amazing souvenir.


الموقع : برشلونة

المدة: 1 ساعات 30 دقائق

اللغات: English, French, Spanish

الصعوبة: متوسط

أدنى: 1 شخص

أقصى: 10 شخص

ماذا ستفعل

We will meet at one of our workshops, where you can see the finished products and the materials. The artisans will be with you at all time leading and providing the materials and tools.

First, we will introduce you to the story of espadrilles and the materials needed for their construction. You will learn about this beautiful tradition, and how this shoe design passed from being built for humble people, to be one of the most trendy in fashion nowadays.

Then every guest will choose the size of the base, the color of the laces and the preferred style. Once ready, we will stitch our own traditional espadrilles, and then learn the different ways to lace them up. There will be more than 100K different combinations!

It will be fun, not difficult and you will have constructed your own pair of traditional "espardenyes" by the end of it.

Finally, each guest will leave with its own creation and with a really cool story to tell to friends, something that it is hardly available to the visitors, not even locals. a wearable memory of Barcelona.


  • Materials for Espadrilles
  • Soft drink

لا يشمل

  • Any other services not mentioned

المواصلات : Need Help? Contact us.

سياسة الإلغاء : Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the experience starts.

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Desert agafay Tours

Desert agafay Tours


Amazing experience

Highly recommend
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