Sea Excursion on a Traditional Wooden Dhow

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    8 Hours
  • Number of Person
    2 - 4 Person

A symbol of the Qatari culture that stands out when talking about fishing, pearl diving, and transportation before the discovery of oil and gas, the wooden dhow captures the essence of the history of this country with the vibes it surrounds you with. Enjoy the breeze on one of Qatar’s greatest authentic legacies throughout this joyful experience.

What you’re going to do

Take a traditional dhow out in the glistening waters to enjoy and comntemplate the spectacular views of your surroundings. Spend great times as you go back in time an imagine the fuctions these dhows once served.

As soon as you have reached your destination, we will dock the dhow to allow you to beat the heat by taking a refreshing dip into the blue waters of the island.

Listen to the music in the air as you watch a spectacular sunset and eat a well-prepared meal just right for your taste buds.

Whether you are an avid fan of the sea or not, this experience will be memorable for you for many years to come; it is both entertaining and eye-opening; you will be on board with me and my knwledgebale crew who will show you all there is to the sea starting from the history of pearl diving, all the way to the current situation such as the location of shipwrecks that many head to for diving. You will also explore the Qatari legacy on the sea that my ancestors have counted on for several generations, and even listen to some of the popular Qatari folklore of the sea. 

Snacks will be provided to enjoy throughout the whole experience.

Many water activities are available for you for extra charges to make the best out of your time. These will include:

  • Banana boats (3-5 people): 1500 QAR.
  • Snorkeling (1 person - 4 hours): 600 QAR
    Snorkeling (2 or more): 400 QAR per person.
  • Scuba diving (3 people - 4 hours): 1200 QAR per person.
  • Kayaking ( 2 perople - 4 hours): 600 QAR.

Further Notes:

  1. Meals, snacks, and drinks are provided.
  2. There might be slight changes to prices according to the season.
  3. Make sure you bring your sunglasses, swimwear, towels, flip-flops, and sunscreen if possible!


  • Outdoorsy
  • Adventurous


  • Safety Equipment for Water Activities
  • All Meals and Snacks
  • Drinks


  • Any other services not mentioned
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48 hours

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Mohammed Rashid

I am an avid fan of the sea with more than decades of experience and more than 5 boats to my name. My family history is in pearl diving, so I stayed close to the sea to retain that legacy. I have taken many experience seekers on overnight trips out to sea, taken many to visit and explore natural islands around Qatar, and taken many to go out to sea for swimming, diving, and other water activities.

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