Explore Pompeii with an Archaeologist

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    2 Hours
  • Number of Person
    1 - 10 Person

Join us in our small group of MAX 10 PAX for a special and intimate tour of Pompeii with TRUE archaeologists!

What you’re going to do

With the help of my university colleagues and students I created this walking tour for those who wants to understand the Roman times through the eyes of an archaeologist who can explain to you the different aspects of the daily life 2000 years ago.

Working as an archaeologist and tour guide in different places of the Mediterranean sea, I’m honored to have hosted more than 5000+ guests and companies (as Apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Cisco, Alibaba) from all over the world to Pompeii with my online and in person experiences that obtained 1000+ 5 star reviews.

In this experience we'll show you in a very relaxed way some of the most important buildings but also hidden details.

The morning time is the best for who wants to spend the entire day into the site. After 2 hours walking tour you will have a great introduction and a good orientation about the ruins.

The afternoon time during the summer is the version called: UNCROWDED, the best way to appreciate the ancient city without being suffocated by the crowd and the hot temperature!

With this tour you have the possibility to see and understand very clearly the public areas: Theatres, Thermal Baths, Forum (Main Square), Sacred Area (temple of Apollo, Temple of Jupiter).

We will investigate also the private building: Thermopolium (a roman "fast food"), Bakery, the Fabric Market.

I'll show and explain to you one of the most well preserved Roman houses and the famous plaster casts of the victims of the eruption of 79 A. D.



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Welcome! My name is Roberto. I am an archaeologist and an authorized guide of Campania Region I obtained bachelor degree in Cultural Heritage, master degree in Classical Archaeology and the diploma of Post-Graduate School in Archeological Heritage. I have been an authorized guide of Campania Region since 2011 and I have also worked as an archaeologist all around the Mediterranean sea: Populonia (Livorno, Italy), Paestum (Salerno, Italy), Olbia de Provance (Hyères, Var -France), Efestia (Lemnos, Greece), Phaistos, (Crete, Greece). Since I was a child I loved history of ancient Greeks and Romans and also the Art history from the Middle Ages to the Avanguardie of the '900. I live in Salerno, a characteristic sea town located between the paradise of Amalfi Coast and the charming Cilento. I'm going to offer my knowledge in the art-historical and archaeological field for anyone who wants to understand and investigate the incredible richness of the Campania Region. Together we will discover the secrets of ancient Greeks and Romans that already in the past they knew the incomparable beauty of this places. With me you will know also other ancient civilizations and royal families, like Lombards, Normans, Anjous, Aragons and Bourbons, that ruled and enriched the Region with Monuments of incredible beauty and historic value. I collaborate with Slow Food (an international movement that strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem) and so I organize specific tours to those who want to discover the authentic pleasures of wine and traditional food. Availability, preparation and organization are my greatest battle horses to transmit the love that I feel for my country and its history. Come join me on a tour! I would love to show you the Greek temples of Paestum, the buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Amalfi maritime power, the rooms of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Naples, the delicious foods and so much more…

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