Diving, Fishing, and Relaxing at Shraoh Island

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Around 76 km away from Doha exists an awe-inspiring island that has a lot offer for you and your family or friends. You can find all the serenity and peace you need spending a day on this island where it is very hard to feel bored.

What you’re going to do

Your visit to this island will not only deepen your connection with nature and allow you to escape from the burdens of everyday life, but it will also an enriching experience that will open your eyes to the lifestyle of fishermen and the few inhabitants of this captivating place.

The mesmerizing sceneries will entice you to discover every single detail around this island and the different types of animals you will spot there including shrews, rabbits, and migrating birds will tell you that this island is a safe haven for everyone.
Walking on its soft golden sands is one relaxing activity you can certainly do while chatting with your loved ones. Fishing is another exciting activity you can participate in while I give you instructions dervied from my multiple years of experience in the field!

Participate in many water activities available for you for extra charges. These will include kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and the fun banana boats! Diving into the blue waters of this island discovering the colorful creatures in their natural habitat is one irresistible thing to do. Witness the magical coral reefs before you leave the water and feel the gentle breeze brushing your cheeks.

Prices are as follows:

  • Banana boats (3-5 people): 1500 QAR.
  • Snorkeling (1 person - 4 hours): 600 QAR
    Snorkeling (2 or more): 400 QAR per person.
  • Scuba diving (3 people - 4 hours): 1200 QAR per person.
  • Kayaking ( 2 perople - 4 hours): 600 QAR.

Futher Notes:

  • Meals, snacks, and drinks are provided.
  • There might be slight changes to prices according to the season.



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