Explore the Uninhabited and Natural Al Aaliya Island

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Al Aaliya island is a must-visit destination when you are in Qatar. It is a natural, uninhabited, low-lying island near The Pearl that lets you uncover the tranquility and scenic nature it bears. It is home to several species that you yourself can explore and get very close to nature.

What you’re going to do

Home to several species of animals such as gulls and flamingos, desert hares and coral reefs that host a highly rich diversity of marine species, Al Aaliya island with a rocky coastline is a must-visit destination for experience enthusiasts. Activities like fishing just off the coast of the island, snorkeling through the coral reefs, and exploration of the natural island with its wide biodiversity will be a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone to enjoy. 

Booking this experience means you will be able to do any of the above mentioned popular experiences, and get to know the island better. Even though just a leap away from the bustling city (which you will get an amazing view of from the island), you get to enjoy some calm, and serene sounds of the waves crashing onto the island. Not to mention photography enthusiasts will for sure take out their cameras!
It takes approximately 25-30 minutes of boat riding to reach the island from Doha. 

Many water activities are available for you for extra charges to make the best out of your time. These will include:

  • Banana boats (3-5 people): 1500 QAR. 
  • Snorkeling (1 person - 4 hours): 600 QAR
    Snorkeling (2 or more): 400 QAR per person. 
  • Scuba diving (3 people - 4 hours): 1200 QAR per person.
  • Kayaking ( 2 perople - 4 hours): 600 QAR.

Further Notes:

  1. Meals, snacks, and drinks are provided.
  2. There might be slight changes to prices according to the season.


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