Jeep Tour and Overnight at Wadi Rum

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    2 Days
  • Number of Person
    1 - 25 Person

A day well-spent at Wadi Rum desert where you enjoy the beautiful landmarks of the desert and have a great unforgettable night beneath the starry sky!

What you’re going to do

Day 1:
A great welcome with a warm cup of delicious and relaxing Bedouin tea awaits you as your reach Wadi Rum Rest House in Wadi Rum Vilage. Make sure to pay your entrance fees or show your Jordan Pass once you are in Wadi Rum and specifically at the Wadi Rum Visitor Center, the gateway to the Wadi Rum Protected Area. 

Our jeep journey in the desert starts right after our tea! From Wadi Rum Village, we will first visit Lawrence's Spring then head to the red sand dunes. Of course, we will not forget to see the Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions at Khazali Canyon!

Great landscapes will be found when we head to Lawrence's house. An authentic Bedouin lunch is our reward during our travels from one site to another. Having our bodies nourished, we carry on to Mushroom rock and then to Burdah Rock Bridge where we will witness a fantastic view of the surroundings. Our last two destinations will be Khashaba Canyon and Um Fruth Rock Bridge.

We will be able to watch the beautiful sunset as the sun hides behind the desert mountains by the time we travel back to our camp. A buffet style meal of traditional Bedouin dishes is prepared for you to enjoy after the sunset. Our night will have a magical ending as we sleep in our private tents or camp out beneath the clear sky. 

Day 2:
To start the day, we will have our breakfast at around 7:00 AM. We will then drive back to the Rum Village, arriving around 8:30


  • Outdoorsy


  • Jeep Service
  • Sandboarding
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Water
  • Toilets


  • Any other services not mentioned
  • Wadi Rum Entrance: Fee 5 JD/person or Free with Jordan Pass
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48 hours

Reviews (2)

  • D
    Jul 31, 23

    Jeep tour in Wadirum

    The experience did not only go well, it was fantastic! we were first concerned about the heat but thanks to the care of our guide Ahmed, we had a great time. thanks to everyone involved letting us enjoy true bedouin hospitality.

  • Amy Booth
    Amy Booth
    Jul 02, 23

    One of the best experiences!

    This was one of the best experiences that we have ever had. The host, Omar, and tour guides Rashid, Yizan, and Ali, were absolutely incredible. They were extremely helpful, went the extra mile, and were so friendly. We had an amazing overnight stay in a very fancy desert room (with own bathroom), and delicious dinner, breakfast and lunch. The Jeep Tour was brilliant, and it was amazing to see all the sites in the desert. Would 100% do again! Will have some of the best traveling memories from this experience.

Curated name


Welcome! My name is Omar Ghazi and Wadi Rum Desert Tours is my business and my passion. For years, I worked as a guide in Wadi Rum and now I run my own tour company to provide visitors with the most authentic and extraordinary experiences possible in our desert. You have already made the right choice in deciding to visit Wadi Rum, now it is time to make sure that your visit is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

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