Explore the Mangroves at Purple Island on a Kayak

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    5 Hours
  • Number of Person
    1 - 20 Person

The Al Thakhira Mangrove Reserve is one of the most beautiful places in Qatar. Discover outdoor recreation with mangroves! This kayaking adventure through lush green mangroves at the Purple Island is filled with unique birds, fish, and crabs. Enjoy the nature, breathe the fresh air, and take in the beautiful sunset.

What you’re going to do

Located in the Northeast coast of Qatar, Purple Island is one of Qatar's natural wonders - a perfect destination for nature lovers as you will get to explore several fauna and flora of Qatar. We will welcome you in our camp where there are several recreational facilities such as a playground, campfire spot, volleyball court, and other basic necessities such as changing rooms, showers and toilets. 

Join us and you will enjoy kayaking through the mangroves, where you will see a variety of unique flora and fauna. On the way to Bn Ghanam (more widely known as purple island), you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful northeast coast of Qatar. At your request, you will also be provided with information on the ecology of the mangroves.

The first 15 minutes from your arrival, we will guide you through paddling and safety instructions and give beginners rowing and safety training. We will have some drinks, coffee, and tea at the camp for you to enjoy. The duration of the tour is approximately an hour and 30 minutes where we will take you through the spectacular mangrove channel, birdwatching and nature exploration and also head to the Purple Island for new adventures!

When you arrive back at the camp after the tour, you will get some time to stick around to get changed, and rest at our beautiful traditional camp to enjoy some music, coffee/tea/karak and each other's company. 

Things to note:

  • Kayaking in the mangrove channels is available depending on the tide. Once you place a booking we will confirm whether the timing you have booked will be available or not; else, kayaking to purple island is always available.
  • Please bring extra set of clothes as you may get wet.



  • Adventurous


  • Licensed trainer (language can be chosen upon request)
  • Equipment (kayak, paddles)
  • Safety (life jacket)
  • Drinks (tea, juice, water)
  • Traditional seating area
  • Changing rooms, showers, toilets
  • Fabulous campfire spot and stargazing in the evening
  • Volleyball court


  • Food (please indicate in the booking if you would like food to be included for an extra charge)
  • Transport
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72 hours

Reviews (6)

  • Valeria Freundt
    Valeria Freundt
    Dec 30, 22

    Surprising experience

    It was a memorable experience to visit the mangroves and the purple island! Nature is beautiful and Innocent, the kind and helpful guide made the experience even more special. I recommend it!

  • Paul Ellse
    Paul Ellse
    Dec 06, 22

    Kayak Review

    Had a great time, so relaxing and quiet, lovely natural views and even better hospitality after the Kayaking. Thanks From Derby Paul & friends

  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali
    Dec 06, 22

    Very good

    The experience was amazing The guide was very helpful and humble And the staff where very friendly But the water was very salty because it comes from the Atlantic Ocean However I advise you to give it a try

  • Chayane Rbeiz
    Chayane Rbeiz
    Oct 12, 22

    amazing experience

    i had the best experience kayaking!! from start to end the hospitality was amazing, Innocent was a great guide and he sang beautifully towards the end. I definitely recommend going with a group of friends, hopefully you get to experience a gorgeous sunset like us !!

  • Mariam Tcholadze
    Mariam Tcholadze
    Oct 12, 22

    Wonderful experience

    Wonderful experience, beautiful scenery and a great team. Recommend to everyone!

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Professional multi-language tour guide, certified from the National Tourism Council in Qatar. I provide a variety of kayaking experiences in Purple Island, along with authentic activities that anyone of all ages can enjoy. 

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