Kayaking by the Uninhabited and Natural Al Aaliya Island

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    6 Hours
  • Number of Person
    1 - 20 Person

Al Aaliya island is a must-visit destination when you are in Qatar. It is a natural, uninhabited, low-lying island near The Pearl that lets you uncover the tranquility and scenic nature it bears. It is home to several species that you yourself can explore as you get very close to nature.

What you’re going to do

Home to several species of birds and animals such as gulls, flamingos, desert hares and coral reefs that host a highly rich diversity of marine species, Al Aaliya island with a rocky coastline is a must-visit destination for experience enthusiasts. Kayaking just off the rocky coast of this island in shallow waters is an experience that is not to be missed.

Even though just a leap away from the bustling city (which you will get an amazing view of from the island), you get to enjoy some calm, and serene sounds of the waves crashing onto the island. Not to mention photography enthusiasts will for sure take out their cameras!

You will start your journey at the docks, as you enter the traditional wooden dhow and embark on a 25-30 minutes boat ride to the island. You will explore the traditional wooden dhow that Qataris have used for years in their legacy of the sea. The boat will be anchored close to the island, and you will take a short speedboat ride closer to the shallow waters on the island.

From the island you will see the beauty of the traditional wooden dhow with the backdrop of the modern city. On the shallow waters of the Al Aaliya Island, you will get to kayak with that magical scenery. You may also explore the island where you can watch birds and find footprints of several animals. If you are lucky, you will get to see species of birds transiting on the island as they migrate around the world.

After a fun-filled time at the island, we will head back to the wooden dhow to have some tea and snacks before taking you back to the city. 

It really is an experience that you cannot miss.

Please note:

  • It is advised to bring a clean and dry change of clothes for after the kayak activity, and slippers that you dont mind getting wet.
  • Due to frequent tides the experience time will be confirmed closer to the experience date
  • Experience date may be changed if tide levels are not suited for kayaking.



  • Outdoorsy


  • Dhow cruise to and from Al Aaliya island
  • Kayak equipments
  • Safety equipments
  • Tea and snacks
  • Drinks


  • Transport to the dock
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72 hours in advance

Reviews (1)

  • Khayla Nazneen
    Khayla Nazneen
    Feb 24, 22

    Great trip, great host!

    Got to learn so much about the legacy of the sea with Mohammed, such a unique character and very hospitable, we definitely enjoyed our time on his dhow boat. We got to jump into the water and swim; Mohammed has safety and diving gears readily available on his dhow. Then we stopped off the coast of Al Aaliya island, where you can see a beautiful view of Doha. We got to see the uninhabited island and explore the traces of the animals that live on the island and Mohammed also has kayaks aboard his dhow that you can use on the relatively shallow waters by the island. Great day of water activities and exploration!

Curated name

Mohammed Rashid

I am an avid fan of the sea with more than decades of experience and more than 5 boats to my name. My family history is in pearl diving, so I stayed close to the sea to retain that legacy. I have taken many experience seekers on overnight trips out to sea, taken many to visit and explore natural islands around Qatar, and taken many to go out to sea for swimming, diving, and other water activities.

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