Raghez Canyon; Dive into the Nature

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    3 Days
  • Number of Person
    1 - 10 Person

Enjoy the adventure of canyoning in Raghez Canyon - the most beautiful canyon in Iran with high waterfalls and deep pools.

What you’re going to do

The adventurous heights above the ponds in the heart of nature are calling upon you in Raghez canyon. If you dare to take their invitation and know how to swim, Raghez tour is a must-do.
During this tour, you will experience epic adventurous canyoning on the waterfalls of Raghez Canyon and jump into its scenic ponds for a great swim. Provided with equipment and gear, you will learn from our leader how to enjoy this adrenaline-inducing canyon just like an expert. You’re guaranteed a ton of unforgettable memories and experiences! This canyon is 4-kilometers long, and it takes around 8 hours of hiking and trekking to get to its main spring. It includes a hundred gorgeous ponds with depths between 6 to 20m and amazing waterfalls with heights from 3 to 65m; therefore canyoning is pretty technical.

Note: This experience is designated for technical canyoning and it includes training. Still, please inform us if you have any physical problems or diseases.

DAY 1: Darab County 
Around 2 PM, we will welcome you to join the afternoon class in Darab, in which you'll be fully trained. You’ll learn all the necessary skills for canyoning and will learn how to work with your gear because you’re going to be challenged by steeps and high waterfalls the next day.
You will then have dinner and rest in a local house because you have to get ready for a big adventure early in the next day.

DAY 2: Raghez Canyon
We will wake you up at around 3 AM and set out our journey towards the valley.
After 1 and a half hours driving, we will hike the mountainous pathway to the springs.
After another 1 and a half hours, we’ll rest for an hour by the spring, eat our breakfast, and listen to the sound of nature.

DAY 3: Raghez Canyon
Now we get ready for the injection of adrenaline: canyoning the bride of Iran canyons, rock climbing, jumping over the waterfalls, all together mixed with the unique nature around.
After passing through around 20 waterfalls among which the highest is about 47 meters, we’ll have lunch at the heart of this beauty and we’ll stay at the canyon until the evening.
You’ll experience the serenity of nature deep in your heart as you hear the sound of water.
As the night draws in, we will go back to Darab, you can either choose to stay at a local house or go back to shiraz right away.


  • Outdoorsy
  • Adventurous


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