Wadi Al Disah - Hiking to Escape the Hustle

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    9 Hours
  • Number of Person
    1 - 20 Person

Hike and discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in Saudi Arabia. Have lunch in the outdoors and witness one magical sunset portraying the perfect scenery with the mountains.

What you’re going to do

After breakfast at the hotel, we will be giving you a brief about our day. Our trip is going to be to Wadi Al Dissa, with our first stop being a short one to take pictures of the Lion Mountain

We will be making another stop to see Alshaq Canyon (NEOM Edge) where we will have an amazing view over the mountains. Then, we will continue on our way to Wadi Al Dissah. As we reach the valley, we will have our lunch of delicious traditional food prepared by our team. After lunch, we will take you on a walking tour inside this gorgeous valley and explore Wadi Dissah which is a 15 kilometer long canyon running through the Jebel Qaraqir, a sandstone massif lying about 80 kilometers south of the city of Tabuk. 

This natural wonder was, for a long time, a well-kept secret among explorers before the road leading to the nearby city of Dissah was built and satellite images were available to the public, which made it quite difficult to find and reach. Before we commence our hike, allow us to tell you a little bit about this valley - prepare to be astonished! The first striking feature of this wadi is its dimensions: at the eastern entrance of the canyon, the side cliffs are already higher than 100 meters, and at the western entrance, the gap between the bottom of the wadi and the tallest cliffs reaches as high as 500 meters! It is there, from the massive rocky peaks, standing on both sides of the canyon, that one can admire the most dramatic scenery of this magical place. 

The second - and most unexpected - amazing feature of Wadi Qaraqir is a water stream that runs through the western part of the canyon towards the city of Dissah. While you are exploring Wadi Qaraqir from the eastern entrance, you will find abundant palm trees growing naturally along the wadi's bed. Once half-way through the canyon, you will notice the underground water that tops up all year long. As a result, lush vegetation made of 3 meter high grass and numerous palm trees and bushes, flourishes in between the majestic cliffs of the canyon! As we make our way back to Tabuk, we will have our final stop and enjoy one last look over one of the most beautiful viewpoints.


  • Outdoorsy


  • Airport Pick up/Drop off
  • Private transportation
  • Local guide
  • Traditional lunch


  • Accommodation
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