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Marrakech, Morocco
Food , Local Tours
3.5 hours
English, Arabic

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Come with us on an amazing three and a half hour journey deep into the labyrinth of the Medina to experience the unique and exotic street food culture of Marrakech.
Accompanied by our friendly, foodie and fully licenced guide, you will eat where locals eat. You will learn about Morocco’s rich culture through its food. You will sample an array of dishes and delicacies through which you will discover all the ingredients of the MSFE recipe, from the fresh, the delicious and the succulent to the unforgettable, the unimaginable and sometimes the bizarre.


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Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange replacement tastings for those with dietary allergies and restrictions. Also, the tour, due to its carniverous nature, may not appeal to vegetarians. However, that said, there are various non meat stops and a vegetarain couscous can be prepared with prior notice. Comfortable shoes and clothing is recommended due to the walking nature of the tour.
In the autumn and winter, the nightime temperature can drop and it is advisable to bring an extra layer of clothing.
If rain is forecast, please do bring an umbrella with you as not all of the Medina is totally covered.
Bathrooms during the tour – in very limited supply and not always where you want them to be. That said, we will do our utmost to accommodate every need.

Activity information :

a visit to the underworld of the Medina, the Farnatchi, the traditional underground wood fired oven transporting steam and hot water to the hammam, the culinary engine room of the Medina. The hammam, as well as the local mosque, are the two most significant places in each neighborhood. Not only are one’s ablutions performed at the hammam, but the hammam also serves as the communal oven to where families early in the morning bring food in earthenware pots, and patisseries and bread on trays, to marinade, to cook and to bake in the underground oven for collection in the evening. This is a custom unchanged for centuries.
‘ The ‘ french ‘ stop – taste these beautiful fresh crepes but crepes with a twist. An example of how the fusion of moroccan and french culture has created its own take on a french favourite.
A second ‘ french ‘ stop, a shellfish delicacy which has interestingly endured as a part of Marrakech’s street food culture. Either eaten traditionally or in a soup, the choice is yours!
The ‘ pièce de résistance ‘, couscous, the world famous dish, slow cooked to perfection, eaten communally and in our carefully selected restaurant, a very small family affair hidden away deep in the Medina.
Something fresh and something sweet – try an exotic fruit such as cactus fruit, carefully and expertly peeled by the seller, and then a ‘sfinj’ stop, a traditional donut sprinkled with sugar or soaked in honey. Watch them being made and eat them fresh from the pan.
And finally, if you still have room, a traditional ‘smoothie’ made from ginger and herbs to aid digestion!

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