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Snorkeling for a Clean Sea


No Cancellation

23 Hours

Arabic & English

Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 100


Aqaba costal line is 27 km long with nice beaches that are facing many different touristic activities, which expose the sea and marine life to many dangers of pollution. The experience of Snorkeling for a cleaning the seafront is an experience of swimming with colored fish and protecting it by picking up the accumulated waste among the coral reefs. Then you have enjoyed the colorful coral and you have sustained it by keeping it clean.


"Participants will arrive to the south beach
and get a quick brief of information about the
best practices during Snorkeling.

Participants will get their gear ready to enter
the water with a Snorkeling guide.

Participants will take a snorkeling tour for 2-3
hours observing the beautiful colorful corals
and red sea marine life with an underwater

Participants will have a traditional meal
cooked at the beach with an Arabian herbs

Participants will be taken back to their hotels.


Extended Details

  • Transportation :

    Participants will be picked up from their hotels or hostels by Aqabawi staff .

  • Activity information :

    "You will be enjoying the fresh warm water
    and snorkeling over the spectacular colorful
    red sea corals and conserving the sea by
    picking up any plastic or metal waste in the
    water while snorkeling."