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The Heart of Al-Salt

Balqa, Jordan

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Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 20


For long periods Salt's history was the most important settlement between the Jordan River and the desert to the east. A 4 hours tour at As-Salt will start from “Beit Aziz”. Our first stop is originally built in 1905 Beit Aziz was a family home that had been left unused and vacant for twenty plus years.

Laith’s idea of a unique boutique Bed and Breakfast to attract both local and international tourists to As-Salt was chosen and Beit Aziz was born!

You then will be walking towards “Al-Ein Area” which has the oldest restaurant in the history of salt, Saraya AlKhayam Restaurant.
Your next stop will be “Al-Mujama’a AlEnglizi”. There you will be amazed by Saint George Church which is known by “Al-Khadir Church”.

Third destination is “Souq As-Salt” where you will visit The Latin Patriarchate of As- Salt which now has become a school.
Then you will be headed down the steps passing beautiful architecture at each turn before finding yourself at the As-Salt Museum, originally Abu Jaber mansion. Last but not least you’ll get to wonder through Hammam Street, and “Al-Baladya Street” a pedestrianised shopping streets in the centre of the city. After such an entertaining tour, you will be heading back to Beit Aziz to the to The communal area of where it is decorated with traditional items.


- Tour Guide
- Full description of
AlSalt and its places
- Full local food buffet


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    The price for the full tour is 60JODs. The local food buffet is separately offered for 14JODs/Person

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    before 48 hours