A while ago, while looking for places to take my children, I came upon a big dome right in the middle of an area called Dabouq, located in Amman, Jordan. I found it a bit weird since you don't see a lot of big metal white domes in the middle of a suburban area. So I had to check it out, and I’m glad I did.

As you enter the dome, you will notice the name of the place called Rawabi-Farah. After that, when you keep walking inside the dome, you will notice a chicken coop and lots of different plants growing in an amazing size.

A bit nervous about what I would find, I decided to enter the dome. Inside the dome, you will see different booths set up with different products. 

I walked by the first booth, where it was filled with the beautiful sight of naturally made olive oil. The second booth was filled with local-based honey, with all types of honey products that you can think of, like honey soap. This went on from one booth to the other.

I noticed different people with different amazing products, all produced by locals in Jordan. This gave me a sense of pride that there are people in Jordan who are willing to invest in their homeland goods.

After all the exciting outlook of Rawabi Farah. This got me thinking:  who is the mind behind this all? Hence, I sat down with one of the co-owners and she started explaining to me the idea of Rwabi -Farah, so this is how our conversation got started.

So who is the mind behind Rawabi Farah?

“The founder of Rawabi Farah is Laith Dweikat”.

Where did the name Rawabi Farah come from?

“Rawabi Farah is named after a cancer patient named Farah who had a dream of one day building a place like Rawabi Farah”. “Sadly though she was never able to see it completed”.

Why do you have booths with different products from different locals in Jordan? 

“We are giving a chance for each one of these locals to share their natural organic products so people can see that there are so many people who are willing to invest and make a change in this country, to share with others that we don’t need to be bringing for example spices from different countries when in Jordan we can produce our spices”.

What do you want people to understand from your ideas?

“There needs to be a shift in our mindset”. “There are so many farmers who want to have a chance to show people in and out of Jordan that we are a country that can produce, we have the talent for this all”.

Where can we get these resources in Jordan?

“Do you know that God has given this country all the resources that we need, Jordan is a country that has all four seasons year-round, and because of that we can plant different kinds of plants that grow all year round.”We just need to have more faith in what we are capable of.” 

Do you usually use the same Jordanian locals every week to show their organic products?

“No, we try our best every week to bring different locals with different goods to share what they have produced”.

Is there a website where we can find some of these organic products?

Yes, we have an application called Rwabi-Farah Almizen you can download it on your phone and you will be able to see these different organic-based products produced by these locals, you can order them and they will be delivered to your home.”

Can you give me an example of what I could order through the Rwabi-Farah Almizen application?

Yes, organic fruits and vegetables. Of course, all the products that we put up have to be checked and regulated beforehand- we need to make sure that they are safe to be sold to any customer.

What else can you tell me about the founder of Rawabi Farah?

Mr.Dwikat is a man who truly wants people to start having an open mindset or let's say a shift change. He loves his country and he would love to see us become our bread owners.”

What do you mean by that- “It means he would love to see people start thinking of producing their goods in Jordan, he mostly cares about agriculture, it's his dream to one day wake up and see all of Jordan filled with agricultural lands”. A While ago, he decided to give away hundreds of seeds to locals so they can start using them to plant”.

What kind of organic seeds?

Anything you can think of is watermelon, Mellon, Beans, Tomatoes, pepper seeds, and so on.

She, later on, continued to explain to me that they also teach locals who have lands, how they can plant on their lands to make them fertile and agricultural. Also, they will start teaching students in Universities based on the study of agriculture and their agricultural mainframes. You can visit Rwabi Farah every day from 4 p.m. till 10 p.m located in Dabouq, Amman, Jordan.

Concluding thoughts:

After visiting Rawabi-Farah, you will come to understand the importance of organic-based agriculture in Jordan. I truly think we all can put our hands together to support one another if we want to make a difference, just like Laith Dwikat. We need to have a leap of faith, a hopeful mindset, and a willingness to make a change to boost local-based products in Jordan. For amazing stories, please check out our ViaVii website and follow us through our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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