5 Best Romantic Places to Travel on this Valentine's Day 2022.

Though many people show love to their partners every day and in different ways, the fast-approaching Valentine's Day for 2022 has people curious about what their partners have in store for them. Many people go about the celebration with chocolates and other presents. It is not always supposed to be that way. Perhaps you want something different for your partner, a different kind of gift for the person you love.
This blog will reveal to you some of the 5 best destinations for Valentine’s Day 2022. The topic seems broad but I will narrow it down to 5 locations in the world with heart-shaped natural marvels to see. These serene and beautiful environments will be the best travel gift you can give to your partner.

Dubai Miracle Garden

If your idea of a perfect date on Valentine’s Day, or any romantic trip includes flowers, then why not visit the world’s largest natural flower garden? Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden found in the Dubailand district of Dubai, UAE.

Launching this attraction on Valentine’s Day in 2013 makes it a place many people go to have fun during Valentine’s Day. There are many things to see and do at the Dubai Miracle Garden, but the one that best suits a romantic trip is the heart tunnel.

Galesnjak Island (Lover’s Island)

Second on the list is the Galesnjak Island, popularly known as “Lover’s Island.” It is at the Pasman Canal between Pasman Island and the Turanf town of Croatia. As the image above portrays, Galesnjak Island is one of the few heart-shaped natural occurrences in the world.

One of the best things to do on the island is to tour the island by boat or using an airplane to get a panoramic overview. Would this place not be a great place to propose to the love of your life?

Heart Reef

The Heart Reef is an extraordinary attraction located in the Hardy Reef of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The name of the coral reef says it all. It is a coral formation that resembles a heart.

Some of the best things people do at the Heart Reef include skydiving, jet skiing, and bareboating. Heart Reef is also a romantic place where people propose or declare their love to their partners. That should be proof of its eligibility to be a lovely place for a romantic trip.

Spicnik (Heart among Vineyards)

Though there is not much to do here, Spicnik is also one of the few destinations with heart-shaped forms worldwide. It is a settlement in the Kungota municipality of Slovenia, close to the border with Austria. 

People call this attraction the “heart of the vineyards” or “heart among vineyards.” It is one of the most romantic roads in Slovenia. You can get beautiful pictures of yourself and your partner at this gorgeously romantic location when you get there.

Preveli Heart Rock

One of the best attractions Crete offers to the world is the Preveli Heart Rock. Preveli is 35 kilometers to the south of Rethymno and approximately 10 kilometers east of Plakias.
There is a sandy beach with lots of pebbles at the end of the Grand River, that is where you will see the beautiful rock natured carved into a heart. The place does not offer much, but it is one of the best places for a romantic trip with your partner

Excited to Spend this Valentine’s Day with Your Partner?
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