Get an insider’s view into traditional Qatari culture with a trip to the camel racing track and see the slender and sleek desert animals in all their glamour. This is one experience you will only get to witness in this part of the world, so put your left foot forward and head to the racing track on this incredible trip.

Often synonymous with the Middle East and vastly treasured in the region, camels carry a huge importance not only as a means for transport in the vast desert, but as a symbol of pride, wealth and status. Their use as racing animals have increased in popularity over the last 50 years, and as they are not the type of animals you would traditionally equate with speed, their races are all the more enticing and unique to witness.

On this four-hour trip, our team will pick you up and head to the camel racing track, just an hour outside of Doha, where you will then get to see the ins and outs of this rare sport first-hand.

While traditional track races will have you sitting on the benches and cheering from afar, in this exciting trip, you will get to ride along the animals in an air-conditioned car while they race. This is not unusual for these races, and adds an extra level of thrill as you see the camels in close proximity as they head to the finish line. And unlike horse-track races, you will not see riders on top of camels in these competitions. In fact, camels are prompted and encouraged to reach the end by what is best described as a robot attached to the back of the camel, transmitting its owners or trainers instructions to the camel through walkie talkies!

If you’re looking to experience this yourself, then look no further beyond our camel racing experience!