Souq waqif in the eyes of a resident

Qatar is a country embedded with culture and traditions deep within the city, with the country being the host for the 2022 FIFA World Cup one location that you should experience is definitely Souq Waqif, a spot packed with color, delicious cuisines, and aromatic spices. Souq Waqif is the perfect place to do the top three things which is to, dine, shop, and explore, it is a lively historical market that transports tourists and even locals to a traditional Arabian bazaar situated in the center of Doha’s downtown area and has the city’s stunning skyline as it’s natural backdrop. Souq Waqif was established more than a century ago as a weekend center of commerce to promote trade on the banks of the Msheireb wadi (river) between the locals and the migrating Bedouin. 

There are many things that are available to do in Souq Waqif. Ideally the perfect time to shop is during the morning time when the markets are open and there are many spots to explore, the markets start closing in the late afternoon. During the night time, that's when the Souq truly comes alive when the shops start to reopen and the beautiful night ambience starts to set. Spending your evening time in Souq Waqif is perfect for a lovely night out - people watching, eating the finest delectable foods, and wandering around the inner alleys. Also, keep in mind the Souq can get quite busy but lively during the weekends (Fridays - Saturdays).  

Here are a few of my personal favorite activities to do in Souq Waqif: 

1. Explore and shop the finest embroidered textiles, accessories, and apparel

Going to Souq Waqif never fails to make me feel like a tourist all over again, deep within the inner alleys there are so many shops that sell exquisitely made clothing, scarves, jackets, bridal attire, and even shoes, but those are not the only things that can be found in the Souq. The souq is also the perfect place to find many varieties of textiles, mirrors, jewels, and other colorful ornaments. Souq Waqif is also the perfect place if you are looking to purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones.

2. The Gold Souq

The big Gold Souq located in Souq Waqif is where you can find the finest and exquisite jewelry with the finest quality. One of the sets I find the most stunning are the bridal sets, displaying different patterns, designs and sizes that can be seen. For the women, there are different sizes and lengths of jewelry that can be explored, there are also a majority of stores that carry jewelry for men. In addition to gold, the Gold Souq also sells jewelry made of silver, sapphires, diamonds, and exquisite Qatari pearls. 

3. Finest entertainment

If you are spending time in the Souq around the afternoon and evening time there will be several parades and processions that can be seen taking place moving down the main street. A variety of performers, such as stilt walkers, performing bands playing traditional Qatari music, and groups of men performing dances through the streets as part of the parade. More parades happen during weekdays, if you visit the Souq during Friday and Saturday evenings which are weekends, you will most likely see the parades happening during the evening time as there are none in the morning. 

That’s all from me today, I hope this blog helps you as a guide for your first visit to Souq Waqif. Create and make the best memories getting lost deep in the historical sights. To book this experience and explore more of Souq Waqif with a certified guide and know more historical insights about the location, you can book through our official website. If you enjoyed reading this blog, then you can visit our website to find more amazing posts and follow our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more insights and experiences. 


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