Top 3 Extra-ordinary Things to Find in Ghana 2021

You have felt the ordinary experiences during your travels for so long. Now, you want to finally experience things out of the ordinary and have not been explained yet. Ghana has a few of those phenomena.

The sword in the stone, the Bermuda triangle, and many other things draw attention because of how unexplainable they are. Ghana, on the other hand, has its version of the sword in the stone. Ghana has a place where people play with crocodiles and an immobile plane which is now a restaurant.

 Ready to dive into some of the extraordinary experiences in Ghana? Continue reading to find out more about these experiences.


1. The Okomfo Anokye Sword

Swords and stones have many stories of how they stuck into rocks waiting for worthy people to pluck them out. Ghana has its version of the sword in the stone. According to ancient Ashanti history, there was once a priest called Okomfo Anokye during the 1600s.

This priest could fetch water using a basket with holes in it, yet no water fell out. He performed some other miracles until he finally decided to go and find the key to death. Till now, the location of Okomfo Anokye is unknown.

The miracle of his which remains is when he put his sword into the ground. No one has been able to get it to budge. Okomfo Anokye told the Ashantis, "The day the sword is removed from the ground, the Ashanti empire will fall."

The Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital has been built to remember him. The sword site is in the hospital. It is inside a yellow and red building in the hospital. It has a concrete wall and bottles of schnapps used to pour libation, a ritual of pouring a liquid, in this case, schnapps, to the ground as an offering to a god. People come from far and wide to see this mysterious sword. Yet, no one has been able to pull it out.

2. Paga crocodile pond

As terrifying as this may seem, there is a utopia where crocodiles and people coexist peacefully. In Paga, Ghana, there is a story about a hunter.

Nave was a hunter who grew up in Kampala. This hunter got his game in vast areas and always came home with food for his family. One day during the harmattan, Nave set off to the bush with his dog to hunt for food, as they always did. He took his wooden bow and his quiver of poison-tipped arrows and expected to be home a night later. Things did not go as he had planned.

As he moved through the bush, Nave saw an antelope and pursued it. As the chase went on, the antelope went into hiding inside of an aardvark’s hole. As the aardvark saw the hunter come inside, it dodged and ran back through the entrance and closed it. The antelope escaped through an alternative escape hole, but Nave did not see this other escape route and found himself trapped.

Two days went by, but only Nave’s dog had returned. His family became worried. On the dark floor of the aardvark’s hole, Nave lay down tired and hungry and with dry lips. He had become unconscious. What he did not see was that there was a crocodile in the corner of this hole. The crocodile came and with its tail to wipe the dirt off his chest. Nave regained consciousness and followed the crocodile out of the hole.

The crocodile led him to a pond with clean water, and Nave drank from it. He then filled his gourd and set off for home. When Nave got home, his family was so happy to see him. Nave vowed that neither he nor anyone else from his family would harm a crocodile in any way.

Till now, the people of Paga have been living with the crocodiles peacefully. The people believe that the crocodiles hold the souls of the people who die. Because of this, killing a crocodile in Paga results in the same punishment as killing a person.

The Chief’s crocodile pond is a sight to be seen. Tourists come to the town to see the crocodiles, sit on them, play with them and feed them chicken. The crocodiles cause them no harm. This place is truly a utopia for people and crocodiles.

3. La Tante DC-10

Have you ever eaten in a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 before? If yes, then have you ever eaten in an immobile McDonnell DC-10 that got converted into a restaurant? Probably a no. Ghana has you covered. La Tante DC-10 is an immovable plane that got changed into a restaurant.

La Tante DC-10 is located right outside the Kotoka international airport in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. It used to be green now it is white. This wonder is hard to miss. It is found right behind the Marina Mall.

The dining room is in what used to be the economy class cabin. The first-class seats have been accented with pillows and are now used as a waiting area and bar seating. The number of seats was reduced from 380 to 118 to give more walking space.

Down to the food side, the La Tante DC-10 menu comprises so many foods. These range from traditional cuisines to international ones. Starters, sandwiches, salads, kebab, vegetarian dishes, and my personal favorites, the “Proud to be Ghanaian” list on the menu, are all great categories.

Though active during all hours of the day, the most fun time at the La Tante DC-10 is at night. It always looks like a party at night, disco lights, so many people and lots of fun.

Concluding Thoughts:

To end it all, Ghana has so many amazing things to be seen. The natural and the artificial. The crocodile utopia at Paga, the sword of Okomfo Anokye, and the converted McDonnell Douglas DC-10 are all some of the wonders of Ghana you can experience yourself on your next trip to Ghana.

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