Top 6 Ghanaian Foods Worth Traveling through the World for

Some may think or say traveling around the world simply for a taste of some food seems crazy. Some may also say it is not worth it. But for food lovers like me and you exploring cultures will not be complete without tasting many cultural foods. Ghana has got us covered.

Ghana has varieties of cultures, and this shows in their clothes, languages, and even food. Every culture has what distinguishes it from the rest and food, is one thing that causes a wide range of these varieties.
Want to know more about how these foods are prepared and eaten in various parts of Ghana? Keep reading to find out.

Top 6 Ghanian foods are Tom Brown, Kontomire Stew, Kenkey with Grilled Tilapia, Beans Stew with Fried Ripe Plantains, Braised Rice with Pepper and Egg, Fufu with Groundnut Soup.

Pounding Fufu

1.Tom Brown

What a funny name, you would say. That sounds like a person’s name. This is one of the foods most Ghanaians use as breakfast before they go to work. Most Ghanaian parents feed this to their babies and, it is nutritious.

This recipe is made from roasted and milled corn. This recipe is so easy to prepare. At first, you boil water on the fire and then add the tom brown, which is in flour form and stir till it mixes. Most Ghanaians eat it with some milk and maybe a slice of bread or two.

2.Kontomire Stew (a.k.a Palava Sauce) with boiled Yam and Plantain

That is a long name, isn’t it? This delicacy tastes so good in ways some foods don’t. The preparation of this Kontomire stew is also pretty easy. There are some leaves Ghanaians call Kontomire. They get these leaves and cut them. They then prepare some tomato stew and add the cut Kontomire and a little water to it then, boil till they mix.

After that, they get their Yam or Plantain or even both. Next, they peel the Yam and Plantain and boil them till they become soft. After this, they serve the boiled Yam and Plantain with the Kontomire stew. How will it taste? The answer is simple, it tastes, Heavenly.

3.Kenkey with Grilled Tilapia

It sounds like a dish that makes it worth traveling. Kenkey is a delicacy amongst the Fantes in Ghana, is a food that can be eaten with almost anything. Most people prefer it with grilled Tilapia.

As you may know, Ghana is very close to nature and so fishing is something they do regularly. Though a little expensive, this Kenkey with Grilled Tilapia will make you want to never leave Ghana.

4.Beans Stew with Fried Ripe Plantains

This may not sound like much, but it is worth it. This is what your doctor meant when he spoke of nutritious foods. Simply done, prepare some tomato stew then boil some beans then mix the two over the fire and that is all for the stew.

For the frying of the ripe plantain begin by peeling the plantains and after that, get your oil into a frying pan over the fire and fry as many as you can eat.

5.Braised Rice with Pepper and Egg

As simple as the name of this food is, it is also one of the best dishes. Cooking this one is also very easy and everyone can do it. The preparation of the braised rice with pepper and egg does not take much time, you can be done in just 20 minutes or even less.

For its preparation, all you need are rice, oil, pepper, some onions, and lastly, an egg. The braised rice is prepared just like normal rice is prepared but this time with oil and onions in the water we use to boil the rice. Wait till the rice is fully prepared and move on to the rest.

For the next step, Ghanaians use some things we call “Ayewa” and “1ta” to grind the pepper together with some onions and add some salt. After this is done, they fry their eggs and then serve the rice with the pepper and egg.

6.Fufu with Groundnut Soup

From the beginning of this article, a particular food was stated in the introduction. This food is called Fufu with groundnut soup. This is a special delicacy amongst the Ashantis and one of the foods worth tasting.

Ghanaians prepare this fufu by using some ingredients like cassava and plantain which are very easy to find in almost all the farms of the Ashantis. They peel these two together and boil. After that, they get their mortar and pestle, the Ashantis call them “Waduro” and “Woma”. They pound the cassava and the plantain together inside the “Waduro” and “Woma” till they mix completely.

Next, they prepare the groundnut soup with groundnut paste, some fish and meat, and some tomatoes. This is a food recommended to be tasted first amongst the rest.

Ending Thoughts:

To end it all, Ghana once again is a country filled with cultural heritage and there is beauty in their dresses, languages, and many more. Besides being very delicious, fufu with groundnut soup, braised rice with pepper and egg, beans stew with fried ripe plantain, kenkey with grilled tilapia, kontomire stew with boiled yam and plantain, and finally tom brown are all very rich in taste and nutrients.

The foods mentioned above are only a few of the delicacies of some of these many cultures and you can get to see and feel more of this yourself on your trip to Ghana.

To know more about travel and some of the various wonders of the parts of the world that are not shown on TV or even any part of the internet, Viavii has you covered. Stay in touch for more articles like these only through Viavii.



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