Top 7 tips to guide you on becoming an eco-friendly traveler

Traveling in an eco-friendly manner is now the need of the hour, looking at all the climate changes and the disastrous impacts of global warming. But being a sustainable/eco-friendly traveler is not only about camping or using more eco-friendly transport. In fact, it's a way broader concept than that, and being an eco-friendly traveler involves a large number of small eco-friendly checklist activities. 

So if you are wondering how to change your traveling style into an eco-friendly one, then don't worry we have you covered. As in today's article, we will be focusing on some of the vital points of eco-friendly traveling and how you can adapt them. Let's get started!

Top 7 tips for becoming an eco-friendly traveler are always packing lightly, choose and eco-friendly transportation, carry a spillproof bottle, eat locally, shop locally, pick eco-friendly hotels, and leave no trace.

Top 7 tips for eco-friendly travel


1. Pack Lighter

This step might seem small or insignificant to some, but packing light can have a significant long-term environmental impact. When going on a journey, every kilo counts. For example, if you pack only one suitcase instead of two, it can reduce the plane weight, car weight, or bus weight by 50 lbs. Now, the lesser the vehicle weighs, the lesser the carbon emissions. So, in short, only pack what you need and be an eco-friendly traveler.


2. Choose a more eco-friendly mode of transportation

In finding out the most eco-friendly mode of transportation, we need to check out all the available traveling options for your journey.

a. Walking 
Walking is one of the most eco-friendly and the best method to see any place. Walking not only enhances our natural experience of the site but also keeps our bodies healthy and fit. So, try to take on walking adventures as much as possible for a more natural and eco-friendly experience.


a. Bicycle 
In the 2nd mode of transportation, renting a bicycle is also an eco-friendly mode of traveling. Bicycling your way on local tours is a great way of checking out the beautiful natural experience while staying fit and healthy.


c. Public transportation
Using public transportation is also an ideal eco-friendly way of supporting the local infrastructure and experiencing the locals traveling style. Public transportation ensures that a reduced amount of fuel gets emitted per passenger as compared to a car.

Public Transport

d. Carpool
Traveling with a group of people ensures that less waste gets emitted per passenger compared to traveling alone. Well, it's not the best eco-friendly method of traveling, but it's better than utilizing a single car for only one person.


e. Driving Alone
Traveling alone is by far the worst mode of eco-friendly traveling and should be avoided. It results in high waste emission per single person proving more fatal for the environment as compared to other methods.

Driving alone

So, these were some of the well-known modes of transportation for traveling. Check out the scale and rate your traveling method and how you should adapt to a more eco-friendly mode next time.

Eco Hierarchy

3. Bring a spill-proof tumbler or aluminum water bottle:

Most of us use several disposable cups during our travels for routine drinks here and there. These disposable cups amount to a large garbage sum which is harmful to the local environment. So, you can easily change this by replacing these disposable cups with a reusable eco-friendly water bottle. This small green change will go a long way in preserving our precious nature.


4. Eat local:

One of the best ways you can enjoy an experience is by eating the local cuisines and experiencing their culture first-hand. You can never get enough of tasting the local people's tastiest dishes and the stories behind those dishes. Purchasing local food also boosts local people's incomes and ensures that nobody has to drive to other countries to get you that sophisticated bland dish. 


5. Shop Locally

Now, remember what we discussed to try to put only the necessary items in your luggage. In this way, you can try out a new experience of shopping like a local at a new unique place every time. Also, try to use reusable bags for shopping to reduce the use of plastic bags.


6. Choose eco-hotels: 

You might be wondering what's an eco-hotel. Well, it is described as a hotel who have set their priorities in an eco-friendly manner. Be on the lookout for such hotels having the following qualities:

Responsible use of electricity and water supplies.
Promote eco-friendly environmental practices from time to time
The establishment itself doesn't endanger the ecosystem.


7. Leave no trace: 

One of the best things or habits you can adopt while traveling is leaving no trace behind. What I mean by this is that wherever you go, no garbage tracks are left behind to highlight your presence. You can also go one step further and do the local community a favor by helping in cleaning their cherished natural sites. You can start by picking few pieces of trash from the hiking track or the beach that might end up sinking into the ocean or land.



Traveling is a fun hobby to have. It allows you to experience nature in its finest colors, explore cultures and try to be a better person for all of humanity. But traveling often comes with a greater price of endangering nature. Therefore, we want to promote a safer and eco-friendly way to travel. So you can fulfill your thirst for adventure while caring for nature.

In today's article, we proposed some of the most efficient ways of how you can become an eco-friendly traveler. Some of these tips included packing lightly, choosing eco-friendly modes of transportation, carrying a spillproof bottle, eating locally, shopping locally, choosing eco-friendly hotels, and leaving no trace. 

That's all from my side for today. Stay safe, keep traveling and protect nature. If you have any questions or want to give your feedback, we would love to hear it. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Stay tuned as we post more informative blogs and fascinating experiences.


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