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Art is My Life Story
Beirut, Lebanon
10 Minutes

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Nahida El Hage is a Lebanese artist and organist. “Having grown in a typical Lebanese village, I have always been attracted to nature and its divine beauty”. Nahida’s style is a combination of abstract and contemporary art. You will notice a burst of bright and vivid colors in most of her artworks.

Having found refuge in painting at a young age, she has been mentored by some of the greatest artists from Lebanon all the way to Africa, all of which helped her express herself freely without having to bear any criticism or hardship.
She will share this special gift with you through this experience

Nahida practices altruism through her art. She is an active part of an art community, where she organizes events and art exhibitions to support children with special needs. This online experience will reveal Nahida’s inspirational and uplifting spirit, as she shows you how to paint an artwork derived from nature.

If you’re looking for your own refuge, this might just be it.


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