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Authentic Mumbai Virtual Cooking Experience with Dessert
Mumbai, India
90 minutes

Cancellation Allowed

Live experience

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If you’re looking to add options when it comes to your household’s dinner plans, this virtual cooking experience live from Mumbai will show and teach you how to make authentic Indian dishes without stepping foot outside your home. Through our live session, you will be able to see how we make, step-by-step popular, Mumbai-inspired food such as pav bhaji and rice kheer, straight from our home kitchen in Mumbai's largest slum.

Kajal is the chef and she’s based in Mumbai. Coming from a very traditional Indian Family, she learned cooking these authentic recipes from her mom and her older sister. In 2017 she started food tours and Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular dishes in Mumbai (India).

This Maharashtra delicacy is served in almost all big hotels and roadside eateries, and has a savoury taste.

It is a thick vegetable curry made from seasonal vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and onions served with pav, which is bread roll topped with butter. It is best served hot. The word 'pav' comes from the Portuguese word for bread and 'bhaji' in Marathi means a vegetable dish.

Rice Kheer is a traditional Indian sweet dessert made for festivals and occasions.

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As we are bringing this authentic experience to you from our small home in India, we hope you understand that we are not able to deliver professional-level videography, but will do our absolute best to bring you an incredible cooking experience and share our culture with you!

For booking inquiries, send us an email at: [email protected]

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An authentic virtual experience at the heart of Mumbai Food Market

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Everyday at 11am,6pm Indian time

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48 hours in advance

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24 hours

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