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  • Amman, Jordan
  • Arts & Culture

Do-it-yourself Handcrafts - Rug

Amman, Jordan

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12 Minutes

Arabic and English


Make your own authentic rug with Artist Zain and learn the basics of putting together ropes and fabrics for lovely creative handcrafts.

If you’re interested in handcrafts and learning new things? Then it’s for you! All skill levels are welcomed. Have these tools ready and let’s get started:
1. Knitting needles
2. Rug Ropes
3. A wooden stick
4. Scissors



Extended Details

  • Activity information :

    Hello :) Welcome to my DIY Rope Rug Handcraft online experience.

    Today I will show you step by step how to create your own Rope Rug in a very simple way. Let’s get creative! I am going to teach you how to make Rope Rugs using simple material, basic knitting techniques, and a piece of art done by you.

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    Find out more about Artist Zain and her beautiful handcrafts.

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