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Fishing with a local Fisherman
Aqaba, Jordan
Adventure & Outdoors , Local Tours
5 Hours
Arabic & English

Cancellation Allowed


What are you going to do

The Gulf of Aqaba contains more than 500 species of fish out of 1400 species
that live in the waters of the Red Sea. These fish belong to 13 families of fish
cartilage. And 78 families of fish bone. More than 85 percent live close to the
seabed while 15 percent live in open water.

The fishing trip will take off from the middle shore towards the southern
shore, so you can do fishing the traction method.
The boat will then stop near the beach for fishing for another hour.
After that, the boat will go to the beach to swim and then prepare and eat a
local meal from the fish that was caught and enjoy the golden sun and sand on
the beach.
After all, the boat will move to the last stage to see the coral from the King
Abdullah marine reserve and swim over the cedar pride wreck ship and then
head back to Aqaba


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Hotel Pick up
Boat tour
Fishing expert
snorkeling equipments

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Transportation :

Luckily; We can connect you to a third party partner to provide Transportation upon request.

Available from Hotels in Aqaba

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Transportation outside Aqaba

Activity information :

Participants will be picked up from their hotels or hostels by Aqabawi staff.
Once they arrive at the middle beach, the participants will be welcomed onboard.
A local fisherman will guide and lead a 4 hour tour including a fishing tour,
food making and snorkelling tour in the sea.
Finally, the attendees will enjoy the return trip to Aqaba with a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains right before sunset.

Cancellation policy :

Dear Customer, If cancelation is within 48 Hours, we will not be able to refund you any amount

Cancellation time :

48 Hours

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