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Art goes beyond identity and nationality
Beirut, Lebanon
20 minutes

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“Art goes beyond identity and nationality.”
Throughout this online experience, I will be showing you all the steps to turn a blank white canvas, into a piece of art. I will also share with you some tricks to ensure a successful planning process for a specific artwork.
I have been an artist for over 75 years, and it is important to remember, that the beauty of art lies in the passion portrayed through your work, more than the topic you choose to paint.
Starting off with a simple sketch, guiding you to find the correct choice of colour, demonstrating the correct use of brushes , and finally creating powerful composition to form a visually balanced and
moving oil painting.
Not only will this experience teach you how to paint, but it will also allow you to explore and express your creative abilities.


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Wondering what tools and knowledge are required?

Sketch book/ sketch paper
Stretched/ unstretched canvas
Vine charcoal/ any charcoal sticks suitable for canvas
Clean cloth
Colour mixing palette/ board
Oil color and oil medium
Oil paint brushes

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