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Release stress & reinforce immune system
Paris, France
1 Hours
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-What are you going to do:
Welcome to my energy routine on anxiety. This routine calms the heart, clears the mind and releases stress out of your body.
Nowadays, stress is present in various aspects of our daily lives.
Through this online experience, you will learn the techniques of a light energy bodywork with few Qi gong movements and other energy technics that will restore wellness in your body and improve the efficiency of your breath .
The gentle and effective movements accompanied by some conscious breathing, stretches, acupressure exercises along the meridians are the precious ingredients of a full body flow of just one hour. It is one great way to keep your immune system strong and your stress level low.
When you start to work with energy in your body, you are using a language. It's a language that every person can learn.
Join me and make these powerful tools yours and get your energy back into harmony.

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I've been practicing massage and energy work professionally for over 20 years. I also completed my knowledge of working with energy practicing everyday Qi Gong, yoga and meditation. I understood how powerful all those tools can be to control the level of stress in the body, lower the anxiety, enhance energy and keep immune system strong.
Working with the energy is a passion and I developed my sensibility through out the years. It allowed me to release tensions and stress in many ways through different technics.

I also love travelling, eating healthy food, spending time with my friends and family and enjoying the wonderful world we live in.

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You just need to be dressed with comfortable clothes have a good internet connection and prepare a glass of water.

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48 Hours

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