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  • Amman, Jordan
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Syrian Arabesque Art with Maxime

Amman, Jordan

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Cancellation Allowed

2 Hours


Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 10


Host Maxime will give an introduction about the significance and history of this art form in the region. He will share his personal story as a Syrian refugee. Participants will have the chance to make their own artwork, jewelry, or accessory step by step with the host's tutelage. Participants will become part of the preservation of Arabesque art.

If you’re interested in art and learning new things? Then it’s for you! All skill levels are welcomed. Have these tools ready and let’s get started:
- Engraver pen
- Natural/artificial shells


Live Experience

Extended Details

  • Activity information :

    In this experience, host Maxime will teach you about the history of one of the oldest traditional Syrian art forms: Arabesque Art. You will learn about both the Damascus style and the Istanbul style of this art form. Because of the Syrian crisis, this art form is endangered and is at risk of becoming a lost art. Maxime is attempting to revive the form by teaching it to others. Participants will have the chance to create their own work in the form of a piece of jewelry, accessory, or

  • Excluded :

    English live interpreter available upon request and at an extra charge. Plz contact us on to book this service.

  • Additional info :

    You can arrange your live experience hours with Maxime once you have completed your booking process.

  • Cancellation policy :

    24 hours