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Thai Yoga Massage For Friends and Family


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No Cancellation

2 hours


Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 10


Living a busy life in this day and age, stress is present in various aspects of our daily lives. We tend to worry about the people closest to us, and are constantly looking for ways to make them feel better. This expert-led experience will introduce you to an easy way for you to destress and kickback from the comfort of your own home.
“What’s unique about this experience is that it gives you the chance to connect with the people you love while exchanging a relaxing massage”

Through this virtual experience, you will learn the techniques of giving a massage that will restore wellness to the body. The gentle yet firm pressure, accompanied by some calm movements and stretches will create a fully healthy body flow in just two hours.


Live Session

Extended Details

  • Activity information :

    Thai Yoga Massage will restore wellness thanks to its firm but gentle pressure, its delicate and calm movements and stretches.

    You will be guided step-by-step and will be surprised how you will eventually be able to perform a gentle and safe massage to your loved ones.
    To experience Thai Yoga Massage, you just need an internet connection, a soft mat or a blanket and comfortable clothes.

  • Excluded :

    For booking inquiries, send us an email at:

  • Additional info :

    Availability: Thursday and Friday 5pm Central European Time / Saturday 11am and 5pm Central European Time

    No massage experience required

    Stable internet

    Comfortable clothes

    Blanket and cushions or light floor mat


    A booklet will be provided (bring a pen for notes)

    You will need enough space for a person to lie down and for you to move around him/her; you will seat in front of her/his feet and behind his/her head.