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  • Amman, Jordan
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Traditional Jordanian Cooking

Amman, Jordan

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Cancellation Allowed

1:30 Hours


Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 10


In this experience, you will virtually meet with a suburban local family in Jordan. Laila, the host, will give you a chance to learn about their local Jordanian traditions and you will also get to meet all of her family members, and hear her stories while she cooks a delicious local meal.


Live Experience

Extended Details

  • Activity information :

    Ahlan w Sahlan, welcome to my home.
    Today you will experience a typical day inside a traditional Jordanian house. Through this cross-culture experience, you will have the opportunity to have a discussion with me and my beloved family, over a delicious home-cooked local dish. Of course, you are more than welcome to ask all the questions. And most importantly, you’ll get to learn how to cook a delicious Jordanian dish.

  • Excluded :

    English live interpreter available upon request and at an extra charge. Plz contact us on to book this service.

  • Additional info :

    You can arrange your live experience hours with Laila once you have completed your booking process.

  • Cancellation policy :

    24 hours