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  • Amman, Jordan
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Traditional Palestinian Dabke and Folk Music

Amman, Jordan

No Cancellation

Three hours

English & Arabic

Minimum Persons : 1

Maximum Persons : 10


In this experience, the participants will learn about the Palestinian traditional dance, Dabke. They will learn the story of Dabke, including its origins, history, and its relation to farmers and the farmer lifestyle in Palestine. They will learn the basic steps together with the host, the traditions of performance, and the folk music that accompanies Dabke. The host will share the stories behind several Palestinian songs.




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    Participants will meet the host in Jadal, a cultural center in Downtown, where they will be welcomed with coffee or tea as they choose. They will learn about Jadal as a cultural hub for young people in Amman, meet with different artists and musicians, then begin their class.