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Virtual Indian Cooking at Home
New Delhi, India
2 hours

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Food tastes better when it tells a beautiful story, and when a mouthful brings us back to a time that we remember with happiness in our hearts! I hope that you will experience that kind of joy through this virtual cooking class.

I also hope to give you a window into the fascinating history behind Indian cuisine, which goes hand in hand with our culture. Ranging from rich flavourful curries like butter chicken, to our famous aromatic rice and a wide variety of healthy and tasty Indian bread. Throughout this authentic experience, you will learn some time-honoured cooking methods and the subtle nuances that make all the difference.

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All of the recipes are particularly chosen for you to replicate at home, with a guaranteed delicious end result. This will be a hands-on and interactive cooking experience.

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Spices, Cooking utensils, rolling pin, Chicken/vegetable, basic kitchen staples.
Detailed Ingredients List will also be shared once you book

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