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Wiebdeh In The Eye Of An Artist
Amman, Jordan
Arts & Culture , Entertainment
3- 4 hours

Cancellation Allowed


What are you going to do

Dig into the art scene, indulge in the food festivities and absorb
the architectural delights – experience what makes this district throb!
This neighborhood is considered the cultural hub of the city.
This tour focuses on art galleries, street art,
a visit to a pottery shop and a stop by an artisan jam
shop for tasting the best jams and honey, architectural beauty, mosques and
churches, cafes, artists' ateliers and an explanation of its mix of people
(anthropological element).
During the tour you'll be taken to the National Gallery Of Fine Arts where you can take an inside tour and view local art pieces and canvases
After that, you'll be able to enjoy the breeze in the garden. You will also have a chance to view and visit a local coffeeshop with spectacular views of Amman. Following that, the tour guide will be taking you to a concept shop where you can view and shop traditional souvenirs and pieces. Our second activity is heading to Bait Yaeesh where it is a cultural hub, and a house that was built in the 1950s that posseses beautiful archeticture. We will also be heading to Dar Al Fonoun where it is a gigantic art house and
archeological site. Finally, we will be ending the tour by visiting Rana's Gallery which is the tour guide's gallery, where it contains pieces of her personal art and other local artists as well. You cannot miss this gallery's incredible views which overlook the castle and Amman's Citadel.


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Full description of Alweibdeh
and its places

Entrance to rana’s art gallery
Includes water and snacks

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