Kayaking in Purple Island

  • Difficulty Level
  • Duration Time
    2 Horas
  • Number of Person
    2 - 20 Pessoa

Located in the northeast of Qatar, Bin Ghannam Island, known as Purple Island, is a must-visit spot. This kayaking adventure through lush green mangroves at the Purple Island is filled with unique birds, fish, and crabs. Enjoy the nature, breathe the fresh air, and take in the beautiful sunset.

O que você vai fazer

This is a great activity for all ages.  We will go on a trip that's only an hour's drive from Doha, to Qatar’s hidden natural heritage – Al Thakira.  You will be able to enjoy a tranquil kayak through Qatar’s mangroves with a unique sunset.

Nestled along the coast near Al Khor is a vast beautiful mangrove forest, the best ways to access the forest is by kayak. By kayak, we will take you through the network of channels that have been carved out by tidal action.

There is a lot of birdlife and this is a go-to destination for nature lovers to do some bird-watching. To add, the sunset is a perfect time to see the birds and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Don't forget to bring the following: 

- Closed shoes or sandals that can get wet, it can be rocky, muddy, and slippery in certain places.

- Comfortable clothes to wear for kayaking (light, loose-fitting clothing is best), long shorts, and a t-shirt work well.

- Please dress conservatively as a sign of respect for the local Qatari culture in accordance with local customs - entrance may be refused to those unsuitably dressed (no bikini, no hot shorts).

- Change of clothes for after the trip and a towel.

- Sunscreen, sunglasses with strap, a hat/cap.

- If you love snorkeling, please bring your own equipment to use it during swimming break at purple island.

- Mobile waterproof case (you will take full responsibility for damage to or loss of your phone).

- Please bring your own blanket or heavy clothes if you would like to enjoy the evening breeze after sunset tours.

- Mosquito repellent or wearing long sleeves and trousers - we noticed mosquitos after sunset tours.

General Precaution:

  • Social Distancing: All participants must maintain 2 meters minimum social distance during training & induction and trips.

  • PPE & Hygiene: Masks must be worn in all prior to entering the camp for all (staff and clients); hand sanitizers will be available inside the camp; all equipment will be sanitised before and after each trip.
  • EHTERAZ App: You will need to show a GREEN notification on your app prior to camp entrance and agree to our Covid-19 waiver.

  • Paddling Equipment: All participants will use the assigned equipment for the duration of the trip this includes paddle, kayak, and lifejacket (No shared equipment )

  • Trip Size: Trip size will be limited to the numbers that can be safely accommodated in the camp space in accordance with the super committee for crisis management’s regulations.


  • Adventurous


  • English and Arabic speaking informative guide
  • Full kayaking skills/safety instruction


  • Transportation
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  • Nadeen Salim
    Nadeen Salim
    Apr 19, 22

    Best vacation ever

    Best vacation ever I recommend anyone to go over here

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