Sometimes the best places are a drive away. Just because you can't catch a flight, doesn't mean you can't explore places nearby.
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We are truly enjoying the times we are living in. People are craving for more and more extraordinary and memorable experiences. Some have labeled this new era as “the experience economy”, we are interpreting it as; people want to live their lives more fully, not by buying more things, instead by collecting new experiences. Since 2016, ViaVii has been cited as an innovative example of the role and impact of the sharing economy era on authentic sustainable tourism. We love it and want to contribute to fulfilling the urge for experiences by enabling people-to-people travels. We do that by providing travelers, from all over the world, with an easy-to-use online platform to create custom-tailored and personalized travel experiences, based on budget and interest, while connecting them with passionate and talented people wherever they go, whatever they want to experience. In simple words, we’re putting the traveling experience in the hands of the traveler – from itinerary planning and online booking to the authentic experiences and the long-lasting memories.



With our innovative technology and vision of “enabling the era of people-to-people travels”, we make your travel journey simpler, impactful, and of course, memorable. You get to discover the hidden gems of a city, be amongst the people, discover how lives are lived on a daily basis,  share and learn with cultures and experiences - all that by connecting you with our wonderful local hosts worldwide. Your journey with us starts from an ordinary resident to traveler and then to a transformed home comer.