Our story

We live in an extraordinary age. People are constantly curious, eager to explore and looking for new exciting adventures. That’s why we are here – to help feed your curiosity, passion and creativity through hand-picked experiences and itineraries.

By enabling “the era of people-to-people travels”, we aim to fulfill people’s desire to experience the world authentically. Whether you choose an experience only a drive away, or decide to travel across the globe, our diverse community of hosts offer experiences to suit every individual as unique as you are. We do that by providing travellers, wherever they may be, with a user-friendly online platform, that designs a tailored personalised travel experience based on budget and interest, while connecting them with delightful and talented people from around the world.

Some have labelled this new era as “the experience economy”, we are interpreting it as; people want to live their lives more fully, not by buying more things, but by collecting new experiences. In simple words, we’re putting the traveling experience in the hands of the traveller.

We are on a mission to

Connect and train our entrepreneurs in a Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (LEETS).

Integrate digital technology to transform experiences into bookable online content, enabling travelers to discover local communities.

Achieve a spiral of empowerment and social impact mainly focused on supporting women and youth to develop and grow sustainable businesses.

Adopt innovation technologies to digitally-enhance their business models into value systems.

VIAVII in numbers

jobs created

+400 jobs created

We created more than 400 jobs and upto 90 home-based businesses, transforming skills, stories, and passion into sustainable careers.

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Canoeing experience

+1000 experiences designed

We scout and empower communities in rural areas, and train curators through our capacity building programs.

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Revenue increase

25% Revenue increase

We generated new and different sources of income for our curators through digitizing their experiences and making them bookable online.

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Earn money by sharing your talent and passion with the world

✓ Share your cultural experiences, tours, and activities
✓ Meet wonderful people and build long-lasting friendships
✓ Pass the knowledge and earn money doing something you enjoy
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