Food in the Middle East is one of the tastiest and delicious foods in the world. What is more important is loving what you see, smell, touch, and desire from food. Especially in Jordan, it is considered an essential aspect that the food you eat is something you will remember and love. So, this is where things get a bit mouth-watering and tasty. Today I have listed below a couple of must-try dishes during your travels in Jordan.


#1. Falafel:


If you are a person who loves waking up to the smell of Falafel then I’m pretty sure you would want to go to the right places to eat Falafel in Jordan. One of the oldest and yummiest joints that serve Falafel is Al Quds Falafel in Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman. It was founded around the year 1966. It is a small Falafel joint where you take your order and start walking around Rainbow Street. It is especially more tasty to eat during the wintertime when your Falafel sandwich is hot. Even the Royal Hashemite family loves their tasty Falafel.

Another amazing place to eat Falafel is Hashem in downtown Amman. Hashem has been around for 50 years and more. It is well known for its fast pace and hot Falafels to be served for your convenience. This place is usually packed at all times of the day, but if you are lucky enough, you will be able to find a spot to sit down with a nice cup of tea and your yummy Falafel and Hummus.


#2. Shawarma 


Another dish that will make you fall in love with Jordanian food is Shawarma. Now, finding the best Shawarma place to eat can be difficult, especially since there are over 100 restaurants in Jordan specializing in Shawarma only. Each one of these restaurants is also trying their best in finding different methods of cooking or adding certain spices to make their Shawarma the best Shawarma you eat. Now, I am the type of person who likes to eat in restaurants that have a bit of history, it comes to show you their perseverance in making sure that they are still standing with all of the craziness that the world is going through over the years.

One of the oldest places to make Shawarma in Jordan is a little spot around the corner of Jabal Amman called Shawarma Reem. You may also need to stand in line, but believe me, it is worth the wait. You can order your Shawarma as either chicken or beef. Your meal may also come with some french fries, cucumbers, and pickles to give you a bit of zest.

Shawarma has been around for over a decade with its easy-to-make ingredients. So, if you are in Jordan, you would never want to miss out on this dish. Even if you live in countries, on the west or east, you will always find a little Arabian shop making some yummy shawarma!


#3. Mansaf


If you ever decide to visit Jordan, then yes, Mansaf is one of the most popular traditional Jordanian dishes that you must eat. The thing with Mansaf is it is the pride and joy of all Jordanians. If you are a guest at any Jordanian home and they serve you Mansaf, that means that they are honoring you with a lot of respect and gratitude. Mansaf is served on many occasions, from weddings to funerals and even graduation parties.

Now, most people don’t know what Mansaf is. So let me narrow it down to you. Mansaf consists of yogurt, and specifically goat yogurt, which is much tastier than cow yogurt. It is then mixed with something called Jameed which is a sour fermented yogurt, added to the yogurt or dried yogurt. After that, it is then stirred and served hot with lamb meat and Shrak bread, served under the rice with the lamb on top, and then a bit of the yogurt is poured on top of the rice.

Believe it or not but Mansaf is best eaten with your hands, not a spoon. That is the traditional Bedouin style of eating Mansaf. You can still eat Mansaf with your spoon, so no worries. Now, if you are looking for a great place to eat Mansaf in Jordan, then the best choice would be the Al Quds restaurant. For me personally, they are amazing in making Mansaf. Plus, if you have any Jordanian friends, then they will be more than thrilled to make Mansaf for you.


#4. Levant mixed foods 

Mixed Food

Now the most important thing that you need to know about people in Jordan we are meat lovers. Yes, there are vegetarians, but I have to say to you we love our meat. Over the years, Jordan’s restaurant business has boomed, causing many investors from all over the world to invest more money in fine dining. The region of their focus has been the Armenian food.

Armenian food is very close to the major food categories in the Middle-east. In common, we have a dish called Mashawi. You see, Middle-Eastern Mashawi and Armenian Mashawi are almost the same, consisting of barbequed meat and usually, poultry such as Kabab served with bread and salads. For example, the famous Rocca salad is filled with olive oil, produced more than half the time either in Palestine or Jordan. The salad is further enhanced by some pomegranate oil sprinkled on the top. Most people also like trying raw meat with a mix of yogurt and garlic, giving your meat a more savory taste.

There is a whole list of restaurants you can check out in Jordan specializing in Mashawy. Personally, I love the Levant and Fakhr El-Din restaurants as they have a wide category of meal choices you can choose from. If you are looking for a nice view while enjoying the sunset, then I would recommend you to visit Um Khalil, located in Jabal Amman and Jarash. It is a mix of Lebanese Armenian and Jordanian food.


#5. Makmoura 


This next dish will be hard to find in Jordan, especially since it is considered a pure old heritage Jordanian meal. Makmoura is not that easy to make, and this is why most of the people who make this dish are women of old age who have spent years mastering this dish. Makmoura is usually served in ceremonies, parties, weddings, and particularly in the harvesting season of olive oil due to it needing a lot of olive oil.

Now, the ingredients of Makmoura are chicken, dough, sumac (a flowering plant consisting of the color red), and olive oil. When represented and cooked, the dough and chicken are in several layers. Sometimes the chicken can be served between the layers with bones, and sometimes without bones. It all depends on the person who is cooking it.

I have tried Maqmoura twice in my life. It was very mouth-watering, surprising, and yes can be a bit weird when you first try it, but this is a traditional meal in Jordan you do not want to miss.



I have always enjoyed trying out different foods, especially foods that belong to a group or culture. Everyone has a unique method of cooking and, how they add their perception of what they see is the right ingredient for the right cuisine they are trying to make. That is why Jordan has its own traditional culture in the way they make their food. With the simplicity and personal love added to every single cooking method used, all of our food has a heavenly touch. From Armenian to Lebanese, a mix of Palestinian we have most parts of the world all added up in one meal. I personally enjoy eating Jordanian food from Bediouns, this is due to the fact that part of their tradition is to always serve the best to their guests even if it is as simple as a simple Shawarma meal!

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